Anaheim Age Discrimination Attorney

Anaheim Age Discrimination Attorney

Age discrimination occurs when someone aged 40 or over is negatively treated either while applying for a job or during their employment. This can cause an older worker a great deal of stress and upset, making them feel less valued and that their years of work experience and expertise are worthless.

This behavior by employers is illegal – it is a Federal crime and is also unlawful in California. If you feel you have been unfairly or badly treated at work or during an application, contact your JML Law Anaheim age discrimination lawyer now at 818-610-8800.

What Is Age Discrimination

Age discrimination happens when a job applicant or an employee is treated less well than their co-workers or other job applicants because of their age. The law states that an older worker is anyone aged 40 or over.

Is My Employer Covered by Anti-Age Discrimination Law

Yes – if you work for a company or a person regularly employing five people or more. Agents of employers are also covered, as are State and local government entities. The anti-age discrimination law also covers temporary workers and unpaid interns.

Your employer is ultimately responsible for you being discriminated against, even if the people acting against you are your co-workers or supervisors.

How Do I Prove Age Discrimination

The law sets out how you can work out if you are being discriminated against because of your age:

  1. Your employer is covered by the anti-age discrimination law (see above)
  2. You are an employee or job applicant, and you are aged 40 or over
  3. You have been negatively affected by the employer’s action or decision
  4. The employer took that action or made that decision because of your age

If you recognize any of these descriptions in your employer’s treatment of you, contact your Anaheim age discrimination attorney at 818-610-8800 for a free, confidential initial consultation now!

Age Discrimination Is Illegal At Many Stages Of Employment:

  1. During recruitment – does the employer ask for a specific age or age group?
  2. During hiring – were you passed over because of your age, despite being qualified for the job?
  3. Have you been passed over for promotion because your employer thinks you are too old?
  4. Has your employer used your age against you when making wage decisions?
  5. Have you been laid off or fired purely because you are an older worker?
  6. Have you been denied training or access to training programs because your boss thinks you’re too old?
  7. Does your employer set unfair retirement requirements?
  8. When your employer decides on employee benefits or perks, are you excluded, or do you receive less than younger co-workers?
  9. Have you been told you’re too old to enroll in an apprenticeship program?
  10. Are you constantly harassed about your age by co-workers and/or supervisors? Has this made your work environment toxic and unhappy?

If you have received any of these negative, unfair treatments from your employer, contact your JML Law age discrimination attorney now at 818-610-8800.

We have a successful track record of winning financial and punitive damages for our clients who have suffered age discrimination from their employer, both in Anaheim and across Orange County. No matter if the case is settled out of court or in front of a judge, we will work our hardest to represent you and your interests. Damages recovered on your behalf include back pay, emotional suffering, and punitive damages.

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