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Whatever model of the car you drive, you should be able to use it without fear of it rolling over after a collision with another vehicle or a stationary object. However, sometimes car manufacturers put their profits before the safety of their customers, and thousands of people in the United States have been injured or killed in rollover car accidents in recent years. SUVs are particularly at risk of rolling over due to being taller than the standard car, with a lower center of gravity. Several class action lawsuits have been filed due to the increased risk of rollovers after car accidents, such as the extent of the damage caused by toppling SUVs.

Why Do Rollover Car Accidents Happen

As mentioned briefly earlier, the increased height and low center of gravity of various sports utility vehicles has seen numerous drivers, in Los Angeles and beyond, sustaining serious injuries, including head injuries. There have been plenty of advances in safety-related technology and improvements in legislation relating to the safety of motor vehicles. However, too many car manufacturers see these regulations as the full extent of their responsibility rather than the minimum standard they are expected to meet. Measures should also be taken to ensure roofs do not collapse and cause head injuries should a rollover car accident occur.

The following statistics, obtained from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, give us insight into how and why rollover car accidents occur.

  1. Approximately one-third of all passenger traffic fatalities happen in rollover car accidents.
  2. SUVs are most at risk of rolling, with a 23% probability of rolling over following a collision.
  3. In 2004, almost 3% of people who were in a rolling car suffered fatal injuries, compared to an average of 0.2% across all types of car accidents.
  4. The most common causes of rollover car accidents, both in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the United States, include driving at excessive speeds, overtaking other vehicles, and driving while intoxicated.
  5. Drivers under 25 are statistically more likely to be involved in a rollover car accident than older motorists.
  6. Defective motor vehicles were also at fault in a high proportion of rollover accidents.

However, when your rollover car accident occurred, an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney from JML Law could help you recover the maximum compensation available.

Why Do I Need An Attorney After A Los Angeles Rollover Car Accident

When you are facing a lengthy time away from work and are unable to earn an income while you are recovering from your injuries, the cost of a lawyer may seem like an additional unnecessary expense. Did you know that when you hire a JML Law attorney to handle your rollover car accident lawsuit, you only pay legal fees once you recover the compensation you deserve?

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