Healthcare represents the largest category of employer nationwide. Roughly 9% of America’s health-related employees, currently 1,137,820 total, reside here in California. Kaiser Permanente, representing one of today’s largest private healthcare consortiums, employs numerous nurses, CNAs, doctors and other medical staff across Los Angeles County, and statewide. They’re known for disloyalty toward employees, manifesting in the form of pay disparity and working long hours without scheduled breaks.

JML Law, an outstanding Los Angeles healthcare law attorney fighting for healthcare workers’ rights, knows the importance of effective litigation. With so many employees at companies like Kaiser Permanente fighting to launch their careers, it’s important unethical labor practices are handled proficiently. Our team provides uncompromising quality at all phases of employment law claims.

JML Law Excels in Healthcare Cases

Discrimination. Unethical hiring practices. Unpaid wages. Claims brought to us vary in severity and potential monetary damages, with no two cases mirroring each other. Much like other companies, hospitals and home health agencies must abide by FEHA and EEOC statutes, which includes the Civil Rights Act. We offer comprehensive representation in areas of healthcare employment like:

  1. Unpaid wages. Non-exempt employees working past 40 hours must be given 1.5 times their hourly rate, but often they’re not. Commissions, bonuses and other compensatory promises fall under this category.
  2. Harassment. This could be sexual, or simply being mistreated after whistleblowing. Major problems in hospitals can erupt if varying degrees of harassment aren’t mitigated quickly.
  3. Retirement. Nurses, doctors and other staff preparing for retirement shouldn’t need to fight for benefits promised, so our Los Angeles healthcare law attorney fights to recover them.
  4. Corporatizing doctors. Physicians cannot be forced to ‘corporatize’, or sign contracts tying them to hospitals directly. Although salaries may be paid by hospitals, physicians aren’t directly employed through hospitals.
  5. Worker’s Comp. Injured folks are entitled to Worker’s Compensation benefits, although many times it’s an uphill battle getting these benefits paid. JML Law will help in all stages of filing.

These complaint types are inclusive; many, many more employment law matters are brought to JML Law. Our job is discerning facts from untruths being reported by employer, and determine best-case scenarios for every case. We then fiercely negotiate, or litigate, matters until employees are made whole.

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Committed to every client regardless of claims, our firm offers intelligent counsel to those seeking assistance in their healthcare-related positions. Need help recovering missing wages spanning months? Haven’t been treated properly because you’re of one religion or another? You’re not alone. Many claims we’re retained to work on involve numerous violations of Civil Rights Act, not to mention other California laws.

Don’t cut corners on representation. Our Los Angeles healthcare law attorney works hard for claimants like you, and won’t settle for subpar results. In matters where significant financial injury occurred, additional compensation may be recoverable.

Whether it’s Kaiser Permanente, another hospital or medical facility, or home health care, let JML Law’s ethical standard of law practice and excellence in negotiating settlements work for you. Consultations cost nothing, so act now.

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