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Getting Compensation You Deserve For Injuries

Our sports injury attorney in Los Angeles handle personal injury cases not just in Los Angeles County, but throughout California. We represent plaintiffs of all ages and athletic skill levels against athletic organizations, coaches, training facilities, fitness centers and schools. Some organizations and facilities are immune to injury claims made against them, but we have been successful in obtaining injury compensation for many of our clients who have suffered serious injuries involving:

  1. Defective sports equipment.
  2. Defective gym equipment.
  3. Improperly maintained equipment.
  4. Malfunctioning equipment.
  5. Inadequate and improper treatment of sports injuries.
  6. Lack of trained medical personnel on staffs.
  7. Improper supervision.
  8. Negligence in guiding athletic participants to appropriate medical care for injuries.

If you or your loved one has been injured due to any of the preceding conditions, you need a sports injury attorney in Los Angeles who can represent you to the fullest. JML Law has a legal team that rivals no other. We have years of experience that puts us in the driver’s seat when it comes to cases like these.

Student athletes and kids playing club sports are frequent victims in these situations, but people of any age and skill level can fall victim to the negligence or wrongful act of an athletic facility, organization or coach. Serious sports injuries can affect you physically and mentally for the rest of your life. You need to be compensated accordingly.

Holding Responsible Parties Accountable For Sports Injuries

Our Los Angeles sports injury attorneys can help you determine liability in your claim, and we can help find qualified, affordable medical care if you have not yet found care. Do not delay seeking medical care and documenting your injuries. This is a critical step in establishing the value of your injury claim and proving the source of your injury.

If you retain the legal services of JML Law, our investigation will include examining the hiring and training practices of the liable party. We will build a case that involves collaboration with sports medicine experts who can help to establish the full value of your case. Our team will pursue your maximum compensation and handle all legal aspects of your case.

Let our experienced and proven personal injury lawyer be the judges of liability in your unique situation. Gain a full understanding of your legal options through a free initial consultation.

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