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JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation, has provided quality representation to victims of wage fraud, recovering millions in compensation for over 40 years. Chosen by thousands as their Los Angeles wage fraud attorney for our fearless litigation, employers who willingly withhold wages or fail in their duty to pay California-mandated hourly rates are breaking laws.

Blue-collar employees being forced into overtime but not paid, such as being unfairly treated for reporting wage violations or working off the clock at the employer’s request but not paid for services rendered, may be entitled to compensation. Federal and state laws exist to protect employees from fraudulent pay practices, but often, employers find creative ways to circumvent labor laws and write their policies.

Wage Fraud Manifests Itself In Many Ways

Unpredictable economic growth forces employers to make tough choices. But there’s nothing proper, much less meaningful, about choosing to defraud employees out of wages owed. Thousands of wage fraud claims are filed nationwide every month, indicating that employers use whatever means necessary to shortchange their staff.

Widespread wage violation claims JML Law often litigates include:

  1. Medical staff, usually nurses, who work long daily hours aren’t paid overtime as promised;
  2. Purposely misclassifying employees as salary to avoid paying overtime wages;
  3. Paying employees straight time beyond 40 hours;
  4. Offering any position at wages less than the federally mandated minimum;
  5. Forcing hourly employees to perform prep duties off-clock;
  6. Paying employees day rates adding up to less than minimum regardless of hours worked;
  7. Calling employees ‘independent contractors’ to work around taxes.
  8. Failing to reimburse employees as promised for expenses incurred while working away from the office.

Retaliating against or terminating employees who recognize wage errors and bring them to human resources is another civilly liable action. Moreover, employees are denied 30 minutes of meal break for every five (5) hours worked, which entitles affected employees to extra pay.

Employers exert unnecessary control over employees unknowledgeable of labor laws. JML Law applies appropriate laws to each claim to assure maximum accountability and compensation for those affected by immeasurably damaging employer wage practices.

JML Law Offers Hard-hitting Wage Fraud Litigation

Denial of wages owed trickles down to other small businesses where employees transact. Therefore, wage fraud has socioeconomic impacts that, if gone undetected or unreported, could damage the fabric of Los Angeles, California, and the United States. Multiply that by several hundred employees, and chaos could ensue. We believe that every hour worked merits a fair hour’s pay.

Expert attorneys at JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation, fiercely oppose employee mismanagement and wrongfully compensate those who clock into various factories, restaurants, cubicles, and other workplaces daily to give 100% of themselves to the greater good. The reasons employers feel obligated to break FLSA and similar laws are unknown, although top executives watch their bottom line closely. You do the math.

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