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Workplace disturbances that upset workers, detriment their ability to perform duties, or threaten their well-being constitute hostile environments. Employees are under no obligation to accept continuous hostility, though many feel their standard of living will suffer absent from their current position. Those exposed to unwarranted hostile actions, whether from another employee or employer directly, may be entitled to compensation.

JML Law provides exceptional legal counsel to those seeking an experienced Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney. Certain legal conditions must be met before claims can be successfully litigated, although many aggrieved employees suffering depression and other conditions due to hostile workplaces may have a prima facie case established based on sufferance alone.

What Constitutes ‘Actionable Hostility’

Natural disturbances – loudly popping bubble gum, making loud gestures when excited, or talking violently with one’s hands – may constitute an ‘annoyance’ but would fail in court. However, if these gestures cross into protected classes, such as making loud racial slurs or circulating sexually explicit photos of other coworkers, an actionable case of workplace hostility is born.

Anything that violates the Civil Rights Act, EEOC regulations, or federally protected persons could turn an otherwise peaceful workplace into pandemonium, meriting JML Law’s involvement should those persons feel obligated to bring claims to us.

Before bringing claims to our attention, keep in mind questions JML Law’s team may ask:

  1. Were acts that created workplace hostility discriminatory in nature? That is, based on race, religion, color, creed, nationality, etc.
  2. Was there only one isolated incident that created upheaval, or is this activity pervasive? If the latter, was Human Resources notified of these activities?
  3. Were the pervasive events severe? By severe, we mean disruptive enough that regular tasks became impossible or career progress was halted.
  4. Did your employer know about these incidents but refuse to intervene? Depending on how widespread hostility gets, an employer’s obliviousness may fail in their defense.
  5. Are you relatively new to your company, or have you accumulated seniority?

Employers usually act vigilantly in ending hostile workplaces, although a growing number either choose to allow these acts or don’t care what happens. It’s worth noting that employers in private and public sectors are bound by EEOC laws when the employee base exceeds 15 or 20 if the issues are age-related.

Los Angeles Hostile Work Environments: Examples Of Actionable Hostility

Many types of behaviors and mistreatment can create a hostile work environment and potentially give a victim justification to take legal action. Covering some of them in a single brief guide would only be possible.

If you believe yours has become a hostile work environment but are still determining if this is the case, reviewing the circumstances with the experts at a Los Angeles hostile work environment law firm may be ideal. Our team will review your case, answer any questions you may have on the topic, and let you know if you have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit. We will also provide effective representation if you decide to hire us.

That said, learning some actions, policies, behaviors, and attitudes that qualify as examples of actionable hostility can provide you with a better understanding of what is and is not acceptable in the workplace. Examples include:

  1. Sexual harassment does not need to merely include “obvious” or overt forms of sexual harassment, such as unwanted touching or sexual advances. It can also involve staring, frequent sexual comments or jokes, questions about one’s sexual preferences or behavior, spreading rumors about one’s sexual history or preferences, etc. Speak with a Los Angeles hostile work environment lawyer for more information about how sexual harassment in the workplace can manifest.
  2. Discrimination: Discrimination that causes a work environment to become hostile can include jokes, rude comments, or other forms of mistreatment directed at someone based on their membership in a protected class or group. Be aware of someone’s comments about your age/race/gender/etc. make you feel uncomfortable at work; you do not need to accept their excuse of “I was just joking!” If this behavior or treatment interferes with your ability to complete your work, you are not required to tolerate it or attempt to ignore it.
  3. Bullying: In an ideal world, bullying would never occur, and it certainly wouldn’t be an issue anyone would have to worry about struggling with after adolescence. Unfortunately, some people never reach the level of maturity they should and will thus engage in various forms of bullying in the workplace. This can create an environment in which the targets of their bullying feel victimized and uncomfortable. If an employer allows this treatment to continue, it is wise to take action.

Again, by enlisting the help of a Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney, you can prevent these types of behaviors from continuing.

If you are still working for the company, report your concerns to HR first. This is not because you should be confident HR will remedy the situation. While they hopefully will assist you, even if they don’t, when filing a claim or lawsuit against your employer later, during the legal proceedings that may result, it can be helpful if you can cite a report indicating you went through the proper channels initially.

Peaceful Workplaces Are Your Right

Unfriendly workplaces benefit no one. Blue-collar or professional workers subjected to constant strife develop depression and stress-related health problems and find themselves choosing sanity to overpay their mortgage. Berating bosses, groups of employees constantly creating chaos, you name it – JML Law has taken cases where once normal professionals turned into unstable time bombs because employers turned their backs to workplace hostility.

If pervasive acts of discrimination have forced workers into making hard choices, let JML Law’s skilled Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney handle your claim. We offer no-charge case evaluations to acclimate ourselves to your situation better. We will expound whatever resource is necessary to bring those creating civil injustices at work to justice punitively and financially.

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