Settlement in class action misclassification case.
Settlement for doctor against disability insurer.
Verdict for termination to avoid commissions in Fleming v Parametric Technologies.
Settlement for sexual orientation discrimination.
Verdict in legal malpractice action.
Settlement for family of suicide victim.
Settlement for victim of fight in bar.
Daniel Frawley v. Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - A Los Angeles jury returned a verdict of $604,000 for the Plaintiff who had been retaliated against for his complaints of race discrimination. After the jury verdict, Judge Victor Chavez order Defendant to pay an additional $300,000 for attorney fees.
Settlement for victim of cancer discrimination.
Settlement for HR representative victim of retaliation.
Settlement for mechanic for gender discrimination.
Settlement for sales manager who was fired to deny future commissions.
Settlement for failure to pay commissions.
Settlement for two workers who complained about what they believed to be an unethical activity and were subsequently forced out by their employer.
Settlement for ethnic discrimination.
Settlement for account executive who was fired in retaliation for complaining of improper conduct.
Cabezas, et al. v. Smith, et al. — A Bakersfield judge approved a $450,000 settlement on behalf of family members who were injured in an automobile accident on the Interstate 5 freeway. JML lawyers secured a settlement that was over the policy limits of the available insurance.
Hackmon v. City of Los Angeles — Verdict for employee who was denied an accommodation for his diabetic condition as an electrician for the City of Los Angeles.
Settlement for victim of sexual harassment.
Settlement for age discrimination case.
Aguilar v. Ayala — Judgment for plaintiff against his insurance agent for failure to place policy of automobile insurance.
Settlement for disabled worker where employer failed to provide assistive technology.
Settlement for whistleblower complaining about violation of state regulations.
Settlement for failure to accommodate low wage worker.
Luis Giron, et al. v. B & Lee Inc. dba Rainbow Auto Spa, et al. — As a result of trial, in a complicated wage and hour dispute with car wash, JML obtains a $250,000 judgment in the Orange County Superior Court — Complex Division.
Settlement for woman employee in supermarket who was subjected to sexual harassment by her manager.
Settlement for an employee who was denied leave to visit an ill family member.
Settlement for legal malpractice arising out of injury resulting in the onset of RSD.
Settlement for legal malpractice claim for client with RSD.
Lee v. Grant — Verdict for commissions on work in progress when employee was forced out of work to prevent her from completing work and earning commissions.
Settlement for an employee who was sexually harassed by her supervisor.
Settlement for director of nursing at convalescent hospital subject to termination in violation of age discrimination.
Settlement for worker fired for complaining about violations of federal employment law.
Taylor v. Ethan Allen — Verdict for employee who was defamed with false poor employment evaluations in retaliation for her complaints against her supervisors.
Silva v. Peterson — Judgment for plaintiff against his attorney for legal malpractice for failure to timely file a complaint.
Settlement for plaintiff in claim that changes in employee classification were act of discrimination based upon disability.
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