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Injuries In A Lyft Accident

Lyft provides a popular service for the people of Los Angeles. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can connect with a Lyft driver and schedule a ride nearly anywhere you want, often for less than you’d pay a traditional cab. However, like any moving vehicle on the road, Lyft vehicles and their drivers are subject to being involved in an accident at a moment’s notice. But unlike accidents involving other standard passenger vehicles, Lyft-related accidents result in complex claims that a Los Angeles Lyft accident attorney best handles.

Coverage And Liability Issues With Lyft Claims

All Lyft drivers are required to maintain their own vehicle’s auto insurance coverage. However, Lyft maintains a $1 million liability policy on accident claims involving its Lyft drivers. The primary liability coverage that Lyft affords kicks in when a driver accepts a passenger until the passenger gets out of the Lyft vehicle. Nonetheless, a gray area exists when the Lyft driver awaits a passenger but is logged in on Lyft’s driver app. Should a Lyft car collide with a vehicle with no insurance or insufficient insurance, Lyft’s policy still covers damages up to $1 million per incident. Lyft’s policy also covers physical damage to the other vehicle if the driver’s car has a personal auto policy in force.

Because the concept of ridesharing is still somewhat new, there still needs to be more clarity about who is liable when a Lyft driver is involved in an accident. Is the driver solely responsible, or does Lyft share part of the blame? Lyft drivers are not employees; they are independent contractors. As such, they can be seen as solely liable for the damages they inflict while behind the wheel. In the past, Lyft has defended itself against lawsuits with the argument that it does not have any influence over the drivers it contracts or the vehicles that they drive. Lyft has argued that it only connects drivers with passengers through an app, nothing more.

For these reasons, it can be quite challenging to navigate the complex issues created by a Lyft accident claim. However, a skilled and aggressive attorney can present arguments that help to hold Lyft liable either jointly with the driver or solely for the damages that result from a Lyft accident. Damages sought in a Lyft claim usually include medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and property damage. Suppose you have serious injuries as a result of your Lyft accident. In that case, your attorney must be able to hold Lyft (and its $1 million liability policy) at least partly liable since most personal auto policies have lower caps that may not sufficiently reimburse you for the actual damages you’ve experienced.

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