You do not need to be an experienced driver, medical professional, or insurance expert to know that head-on collisions mean trouble. When two vehicles meet head-on, the risk of fatalities is high and, even if you survive, you are likely to need extensive, and costly, medical treatment and rehabilitation for quite some time. While these expenses are mounting, you may be facing an additional issue, in the form of being unable to work and earn an income. At JML Law, we firmly believe that you should never be left out of pocket due to somebody else’s negligence, or deliberately dangerous behavior and, as such, our lawyers will work tirelessly to recover the potentially significant compensation you are entitled to.

Common Causes of Los Angeles Head-On Collision Accidents

Generally, head-on collisions, no matter where in the world they happen, can be attributed to driving at excessive speeds, reckless driving, or driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Of course, it is more complex than this in reality, and our Los Angeles head-on collision accident attorneys have considerable experience in successfully handling similar lawsuits arising from:

  1. Driver fatigue, which can be due to long-haul truckers not taking sufficient rest breaks on long journeys, workers finishing a demanding shift and driving home tired, or simply everyday tiredness making a motorists’ reflexes slower than usual
  2. Distracted driving, most commonly caused by using a cellphone while behind the wheel, but drivers can also become distracted by others in the car, a GPS navigation system, or perhaps changing the track on the car stereo
  3. Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Although we are all aware of the dangers of doing so, many motorists continue to drive while intoxicated, making this the single most common cause of head-on collision accidents
  4. Drivers failing to yield at a faulty or damaged traffic signal, where they should check that the road is clear before continuing
  5. Drivers swerving to avoid potholes, debris, or other obstacles in the road
  6. Vehicles involved in another accident being propelled into the front of an oncoming car or truck

It is important to be aware that, due to the nature of head-on collisions, this type of car accident can be catastrophic even at a low speed, although driving at speed is named as a common contributing factor.

Speak to a Los Angeles Head-On Collision Accident Attorney About Your Injuries Today

While building our years of experience of successfully handling all manner of Los Angeles car accidents, our car accident lawyers have become familiar with the most common injuries to arise from each. In cases involving head-on collisions, victims of the accident tend to suffer from:

  1. Broken skull, cheekbones, jaw and other facial bones
  2. Whiplash and other neck injuries
  3. Back and spinal injuries, including potential paralysis
  4. Lacerations and contusions caused by glass, metal and other debris
  5. Traumatic brain injuries, resulting from significant impact to the head. In head-on collisions and other car accidents, this tends to involve the head colliding with the windshield

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