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Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are among the most devastating types of injuries one can sustain. Not only do burns cause intense physical discomfort and suffering, they also sometimes cause debilitation that necessitates months or more of physical and occupational therapy. Scarring and disfigurement are common with burn injuries, but some scars run deeper than those that can be improved or corrected with surgery. The emotional and psychological scars that burn victim’s experience can lead to additional problems as the burn victim attempts to reclaim some normalcy in life. If you have experienced a serious burn injury, you owe it to yourself to hold those whose negligence caused your injury accountable. A Los Angeles burn accident attorney is your first line of defense against the at-fault party.

Burns are classified into several categories, including the most common, thermal burns. Other types of burns include radiation, electrical, and chemical burns. Burns can occur during a home or commercial fire, after exposure to household or workplace chemicals, due to a plant explosion, or during a workplace incident. According to the National Institutes of Health, burn injuries serious enough to warrant medical care number 1.25 million per year in the United States.

While some burns are purely accidental, many injuries caused by burns could have been totally avoided if the appropriate precautions were taken. Using safety equipment, establishing safety regulations, and acting responsibly when handling caustic chemicals or deadly machinery all reduce burn injury incidents. It is sometimes the case that unsafe actions lead to burn injuries, and when that happens, whoever is responsible for those actions or who acted negligently can be held accountable for the victim’s injuries.

Common burn injuries include:

  1. Thermal burns: Thermal burns occur when open flames touch the skin. This is sometimes seen in motor vehicle accidents when crashes trigger explosions.
  2. Chemical burns: Toxic chemicals can quickly cause serious burn injuries, some even bone-deep. Employees in the manufacturing sector sometimes get these kinds of injuries at work when safety regulations are not implemented properly.
  3. Electrical burns: Uncontrolled short circuits or shocks can cause electrical burns. These burns can be serious enough to cause internal damage, including heart attacks. The workplace is a usual place to see electrical burns, but they are common in medical settings where defibrillating equipment is improperly used.
  4. Scalds: Restaurant employees are the most susceptible to scald injuries from hot liquids touching the skin. Some scald injuries occur in residential or hospitality settings when the water temperature is set too high.

An array of problems can result from a burn injury. Burn damage is usually not limited to the skin but may involve the bone, nerves, blood vessels, and muscles. Infections are also common since the skin is the body’s protective barrier. Severe burns can also damage the lungs and airway, leading to breathing problems, including respiratory distress or even respiratory failure.

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