California and Federal laws prohibit employers from religiously discriminating against their current or potential employees. Failing to hire someone due to their agnostic beliefs, for example, could be grounds for civil action. This protection of employee religious rights may not have been possible if The Civil Rights Act never materialized in 1964.

Founded by pilgrims fleeing religious oppression, the United States welcomes numerous religious ideologies and, in fact, encourages it. JML Law, advocates of freedom of religious choice, defends California’s growing employee base from employers segregating them due to how, when and why they practice religion. Spending over 40 years as a pro-choice Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney affords our firm many resources in defending employees’ rights to practice religion as they choose.

Four Ways Employers Religiously Oppress Employees

Although many manifestations of religious discrimination exist, four key methods far exceed most others in terms of claims brought to JML Law. They are:

  1. Religious harassment. According to the FBI, 70.1% of religiously charged hate crimes are directed towards Jewish persons. It’s illegal for anyone within one’s workplace to verbally or physically harass individuals who practice their choice of religion. Harassment also includes burning Bibles or Koran, calling individuals antireligious names, or stealing religious items.
  2. Discrimination. Purposely aggrieving employees by discriminating against their chosen deity, segregating one employee who practices differently than others, and failing to offer advancement or extending employment offers based off religion practiced by someone is illegal, and protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
  3. Failing to accommodate. Provided religious activities aren’t disruptive to productivity, employers must make reasonable accommodations as requested by employees. This may include shifting lunch schedules so employee can attend midday mass, permitting facial hair required by religion, or allowing employees to display religious items.
  4. Imposition of views. Employers cannot force changes to an employee’s religious choice to better suit their needs. As such, companies cannot fire employees who fail to convert religions, or force individuals to attend services indicative of their views without regard to employee’s position.

JML Law litigates claims brought under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act by employees of public companies. Private employers are afforded different religious freedoms and may be subject to different regulations; bring us your claim and we’ll discuss what options are available based on your situation.

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Did an employer tell you God is dead, and you’ll be fired for believing otherwise? Are executives trying to impose Catholic mass onto employees who are Buddhist? One should never substitute wages for misery, although far too often workers feel obligated to work through undue hardship stemming from religious hatred at work.

With JML Law in your corner, you get an understanding Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney experienced in holding employers responsible for persecuting workers like you. Those who’ve been denied employment or raises, have been harassed or discriminated against because of their choice of religion are encouraged to contact JML Law. Your claim will be kept confidential until action is brought against employer.

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