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Anyone who has spent significant time behind the wheel of a car will know how frustrating driving, and other drivers, can be. We have all found ourselves in a situation where we were cut up by a motorist who did not check properly before changing lanes or swung around a corner without carrying out the appropriate observations. Maybe a driver in front of you missed their turn and braked suddenly to make it. While becoming frustrated at the inconsiderate and potentially dangerous actions of others is perfectly natural, it is important to keep this under control and not allow yourself to become angry while behind the wheel. Most of the time, these incidents are forgotten as quickly as they happened. Still, road rage and aggressive driving sometimes arise from seemingly minor situations, resulting in serious injuries and even death.

Did you know that Los Angeles is the worst city in the United States for road rage? A recent study found that those in L.A were most likely to experience and be affected by road rage. Incidentally, Fridays in Los Angeles are the worst time to be on the road, as road rage tends to peak.

If you or a loved one have been injured by an aggressive driver or one indulging in road rage, JML Law’s expert attorneys could provide the legal guidance and support you require.

Road Rage – Facts And Statistics

According to figures published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the truth about road rage, both in Los Angeles and beyond, makes for scary reading:

  1. 66% of all traffic fatalities are caused by road rage.
  2. While most road rage incidents involve shouting, gestures, and similar behavior, a worrying 37% involve at least one firearm.
  3. Young males, particularly those drivers still in their teens, are most likely to display road rage tendencies.
  4. 50% of road rage victims admit to responding with similar behavior.
  5. Road rage does not just extend to losing your temper over a slight – real or perceived – on the roads. There have been several hundred cases of murder arising from road rage.

How To Behave When Faced With Road Rage

Even though you are not responsible for other motorists’ behavior, it is sensible to avoid inflaming an already tense situation where possible. If you are targeted by road rage, you should first ensure your doors are locked and you have sufficient space to move away, if required. Drive straight to the nearest police station, or have a passenger dial 911 if you feel you are in danger.

In terms of driving courteously, our Los Angeles car accident attorney suggests following this advice whenever you are on the road:

  1. Control your anger, and never allow your emotions to control your driving.
  2. Remember that traffic issues are never personal, so try to avoid taking them personally.
  3. Do not make eye contact with an aggressive driver, as this may be perceived as a challenge.
  4. Never make rude or obscene gestures.
  5. Never tailgate.
  6. Only use your horn where necessary.
  7. Never block the passing lane.
  8. Avoid blocking the right turn lane.

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