Employers who breached their duty to pay medical and retirement benefits owed under The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) can be held civilly liable. As ERISA mandates employee pension plans and benefits, a minimal standard of providing benefits when requested must be upheld. Retirees and current workers deprived of benefits are sustaining financial injury, a foundational element necessary when suing the employer or benefits holder.

Featuring Los Angeles denial of medical and retirement benefits attorneys skilled in all facets of employment law, JML Law has recovered millions for retirees denied their pensions and workers denied medical benefits. Employees always have the right review retirement plans at any time during their tenure to assure accuracy, although many trust the retirement system enough not to worry.

JML Law: A Firm with ERISA Experience

Companies make mistakes and calculations; after all, no retirement system is flawless. Calculating pension and medical benefits that unjustly enrich companies, however, is an illegal action that should not be overlooked. Upon retiring, or when medical benefits are needed, employees will undergo an application process that includes an administrative review. If you believe figures do not coincide with what you’re expecting, or your benefits are outright denied, an exhaustive appeals process will ensue.

It’s at this point you’ll entertain bringing aboard legal representation to assure Plan Administrator is fairly adjudicating your appeal. JML Law, upholding the highest integrity of jurisprudence, can look over documentation prior to submitting your appeal, going as far as directly contacting the Plan Administrator or their legal counsel to ensure the initial decision is reversed, and benefits are paid properly. Any damages sustained by retirees or workers may require a separate action.

Illegally amending benefits without prior consent of employee is another actionable offense. This may happen if the company you work for merged and adopted, in whole or in part, the secondary company’s benefits schedule. Failing to uphold original benefit plans breaches the company’s fiduciary responsibility to the employee which they extended benefits to.

We Tactfully Litigate for Your Benefits

Failing to consult an attorney with ERISA experience may limit your chances of successfully appealing the decision or make filing civil action extremely challenging given the legal firepower companies send on their behalf. Leave nothing to chance and hire JML Law, a well-respected firm that goes after Fortune 500 companies and small businesses with focused litigation and 40 years of negotiation experience.

With statute of limitations, long forms to fill out and benefits coordinators protecting the interests of the company you gave a lifetime of effort to, employees both active and retired feel helpless when denied financial and medical benefits they were promised.

Dedicated to the tactful litigation of your medical and pension benefits, JML Law provides unfairly treated employees a firm with Los Angeles denial of medical and retirement benefits attorneys ready to handle the most difficult cases imaginable.

If you’re within days of retiring, or have retired, and need pension and medical benefits started in a timely manner, our firm awaits your call.

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