Employees try hard to follow workplace rules, perform their jobs and climb the company ladder. Sometimes, companies themselves don’t obey laws of ethics and moral standards. Whether this means cheating other employees, committing fraud, purposely oppressing shareholders or allowing immoral acts committed by others to transpire without managerial intervention.

When employees finally ‘blow the whistle’, retaliation may happen. JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation, can litigate alongside whistleblowers who were harassed, terminated or physically for reporting internal wrongdoing. Los Angeles whistleblower attorney assistance can result in compensation for person whistleblowing, especially those receiving unneeded backlash from doing so.

Employees Deserve Fraud-Free Workplaces

Distinguishing legal from illegal, or ethical from immoral, isn’t the easiest task in today’s workplace. Caught up in the web of inescapable ambiguity, employees find it increasingly difficult to determine when, or how, whistleblowing is appropriate. Notwithstanding, every place of employment is bound by Federal and State statutes, like the False Claims Act, workplaces should be free of fraud and mishaps. In layman’s terms, workplaces should never get bad enough that whistleblowing is necessary.

Whistleblowers who discover and report duplicitous acts to liberate current employees – who often want to report but fear repercussions – and future workforces. They’re labeled both hero and villain, depending on the extent of wrongdoing uncovered. As an accomplished Los Angeles whistleblower attorney firm, JML Law sees whistleblowers as heroic voices who risk persecution just to unfetter the masses from clear and present workplace danger.

Workplace disloyalties aren’t restricted to public sector employers, however. Qui tam action, brought when government contractor cheats, Medicare frauds and other Federal government wrongdoings are uncovered, can harm honest workers while raising costs of services for millions of Americans unaware of these trickeries. JML Law is recognized for its efficiency and results-driven approach to qui tam actions.

Commodities and securities frauds uncovered then filed with SEC or CFTC offers extra incentivization through the Dodd-Frank Act. If whistleblowers fear serious repercussions for reporting insider trading or commodities fraud, JML Law will discreetly yet thoroughly assist whistleblowers with these claims.

For those dedicated to preserving California’s workplaces by reporting inappropriate, illegal or potentially dangerous acts, there’s an exemplary Los Angeles whistleblower attorney available at JML Law with unwavering morality and courtroom expertise.

JML Law, California’s Prestigious Whistleblower Attorneys

Groundbreaking or small, JML Law uphold the highest integrity in litigating whistleblower actions. Well-resourced and knowledgeable of False Claims Act provisions, trust one of Los Angeles County’s most powerful firms with matters requiring sensitive treatment and investigation such as whistleblower claims.

In qui tam matters, the relator (whistleblower) and their attorney get compensated based on contributions made toward case. Wisely choosing the Los Angeles whistleblower attorney who handles these serious claims could render much greater outcomes. Since governments can recover up to three times their losses in qui tam matters, whistleblowers and their attorney may reap handsome rewards for their efforts. The amount of work put into proper case preparation and settlement negotiation is extensive.

JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation, will confidentially review whistleblower cases without cost or obligation.

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