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Fighting For Your Rights After Age Discrimination

You work hard to achieve your professional goals and invest several years at a company. The company suddenly wants a change in staff with a younger appeal. Age discrimination is a serious issue; despite laws prohibiting it, it continues throughout California. The age discrimination attorneys at JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation in Woodland Hills, will stand up for your rights and help you take legal action against your employer after being a victim of age discrimination.

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Your Age Should Not Be A Factor At Work

Age discrimination can come in many forms. Older workers may be left out of meetings, be the subject of jokes or harassment, receive poor performance reviews, not receive adequate training, and ultimately be fired or laid off.

Comments from upper management that the “company needs a fresh start,” “we need to recruit young, aggressive employees,” or “we need young blood” can be signs of age discrimination. These comments should raise an alarm, especially for older employees. It would be best to note these comments, who said them, and when the incident occurred. This will help you during a discrimination lawsuit.

Employers will give various other reasons for letting an older employee go. That is why it is vital to document any discrimination at work and to contact us immediately if you are being mistreated at work or have been fired because of your age.

How Can We Help

Once you contact us, we will start helping you right away. If you are still employed, we will write a letter to your employer notifying them of the discrimination. If you have been fired, we will demand that your employer preserve all evidence of your employment and request your personnel file for review.

We will guide you through your legal options and review all evidence to build a strong case. You have rights as an employee and do not deserve to be mistreated because of your age.

Our Wrongful Termination lawyers represent employees in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. We provide robust and effective legal representation to hold your employer accountable for their actions.

Contact Our Lawyers To Protect Your Rights

Do not wait to contact us if you believe you have been the victim of age discrimination. We will review the facts of your case and determine a plan of action. Schedule a free initial consultation by contacting us online or by calling 818-610-8800.

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