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Do You Deserve Financial Compensation For Injury Costs From An Assault

Our law firm offers legal counsel and representation to assault victims in Los Angeles County and throughout California. Our lawyers know how to navigate California courts and the strategies of the defense attorneys who will work to minimize or even prevent payments for injury compensation.

At JML Law, our attorneys have been representing the rights and best interests of plaintiffs in personal injury cases in Los Angeles for over 35 years. We are committed advocates for our clients and are proficient in maximizing their recoveries. Our firm has obtained tens of millions of dollars for injured clients, and we are prepared to fight for your best possible outcome.

Factors influencing your case:

  1. The skills and resources of your attorney.
  2. Liability of an individual, business, property owner, municipality, or other organization.
  3. All available insurance coverage policies.
  4. Statutes of limitation affecting personal injury lawsuits.
  5. Past and future medical costs.
  6. Past and future lost wages.
  7. Lost earning potential.
  8. Rehabilitation costs.
  9. Pain and suffering.
  10. Long-term care needs.
  11. Punitive damages.

Our Los Angeles assault injury attorneys will discuss these factors during your free initial consultation and independently investigate your claim if we take on your case. We collaborate with top-tier experts to establish the full value of your case, and we handle all legal aspects, including communication with insurance companies.

Assaulted At Work Assaulted In Public

Assault can occur in any location and even in the safest environments. A little-known fact is that there must not be physical contact for an assault to occur under California law. An aggressor needs only to attempt to commit a violent or forceful act upon you for an assault charge to be brought on them in any assault situation in Los Angeles, including:

  1. At work.
  2. At a bar (bouncers and patrons in bar fights).
  3. In a store.
  4. At school (bullying may qualify as assault).
  5. At a sporting event.
  6. In a park or anywhere else.

You may recover costs for physical and psychological damages and punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant for negligent or wrongful acts and prevent future assaults under similar circumstances.

Employers must maintain safe workplaces just as all other establishments have obligations to maintain safety. Our Los Angeles assault injury attorney is known to prosecute cases involving lack of and negligent security, discrimination, and sexual assault. Speak with one of our Los Angeles area assault injury attorneys about your specific case today.

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