There are various points at which a severance agreement can be negotiated. Whether you believe you might separate from your company, have been wrongfully terminated or have been asked to resign from your position, the attorney at JML Law can ensure severance pay is negotiated in your best interest.

We represent professionals in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Francisco and throughout California who require assistance with severance package negotiation.

When you leave your place of employment, you may be offered a severance package depending on the circumstances of your employment. A severance package includes the pay and benefits you receive after leaving the company, including your remaining pay and:

  1. Additional payment that is based on tenure with the company
  2. Payment for unused sick time or vacation hour
  3. Medical, dental or life insurance
  4. Retirement benefits, including 401(k) benefits
  5. Stock options
  6. Employment and resume services

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