Think about all the responsibilities you have in one day. The most common kind of responsibilities for a family with a partner and children are waking up and getting out of bed. That is the main responsibility. Then you dress the children, make them breakfast, and shuffle them out the door to their bus or your car. If it is your car then you proceed to drive them to school. Pause here. Think about how much you use your neck while driving. Think about how much you use your back when you are moving around trying to get that shoe on one child and a jacket on the other. Think about how you use your back and your neck together at times. Your day cannot physically start until you use your neck and your back. So what happens to your day if something were to happen to those vital parts of your body?

Back and neck injuries are dangerous and can cause serious damage to your work, personal, and family life. Back and neck injuries are closely aligned because they are all connected. When you have a crick in your neck you can sometimes feel it all the way down to the middle of your back. When you have an injury to your neck or back you are hurting the entire system and subsequently feeling the injury from both areas. If you received this kind of injury while on the job then you are a prime candidate for a workers’ compensation claim.

In California, every business is legally obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance as well as legally obligated to tell you how to file a workers’ compensation claim. If not then your first stop, after getting medical attention, is to consult with Our workers compensation attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation.

Common Back and Neck Injuries

When you are dealing with an injury that affects both the back and neck, the common causes are falling or getting hit by a falling object. Other common causes are car or truck accidents. When you have an injury like this then your symptoms may not show up immediately. You may start to feel pain, but a few days later you may start to feel numbness, tingling, or paralysis in an extremity like your hand, arms, or feet. This is why it is so important to notify someone of your injury as soon as it happens. Just because you don’t feel anything doesn’t mean that something isn’t going to be felt soon.

If you are suffering from a back and neck injury and you failed to make a claim, or your claim has been denied or delayed, then you need to consult with our workers’ compensation attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation. We believe in aggressive advocacy for our clients because we know that not all injuries are the same. We know that all injury symptoms are individual, but that doesn’t mean that you do not deserve to be compensated fairly. Call 818-610-8800 or click here to share your story confidently with our experienced attorneys.

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