Anaheim Car Accident Attorney

Anaheim Car Accident Attorney

Holding parties responsible for wrecking your car using theirs isn’t optional when families, especially with children, depend upon your life and vehicle. You want justice but may be apprehensive about hiring just ‘any’ attorney firm, especially one only interested in fattening their wallets. We understand. Many clients we’ve settled claims for called us when nothing went their way.

JML Law, renowned for our Anaheim car accident attorney capable of settling claims for victims or surviving loved ones, provides incredible representation unlike you’ve experienced before. Going after neglectful parties is our lifeblood, the very substance of our existence in law.

Driver Negligence Causes Undue Hardship

When responsible parties of age obtain California driver’s licenses, an oath of responsible vehicle operation comes with maintaining privileges. Most drivers abide by California law, although distractions happen sporadically, and many others find inebriation works better when driving. Negligence, or recklessness, is a matter of choice. People choose to distract themselves while driving. They choose to drive erratically or while intoxicated. These aren’t accidents caused by ‘error’. Their choices.

When drivers make poor decisions, people get hurt. And when injuries occur, especially to other drivers and passengers, JML Law will be there to uphold accountability and make folks pay because that’s our choice.

9.2 drivers per 100,000 Californians lost their lives in 2016. That’s almost ten people never seeing their children’s wives, getting to finish school, or living the American dream. All because of sloppiness behind the wheel or negligence in avoiding accidents by taking an Uber or cab when intoxicated.

car accident attorney is available at JML Law for those wanting high-quality representation.

Things To Keep In Mind

A car accident’s aftermath is messy. Nobody wants to take the blame; police officers are handling reports, and people are snapping photos to place on social media. It’s an uproar you, the victim, wish never happened.

After your accident, did you:

  1. Flee police? This may disqualify your claim and hold you criminally responsible. Victims should ALWAYS cooperate with law enforcement.
  2. Help others in need? If you’ve been injured but have mobility, attempting to help at-fault victims should be your priority.
  3. Get medically evaluated? Medical attention should be sought even if you’re sure nothing is broken or out of place. Once the initial shock of the accident wears off, injuries you didn’t know happened may soon cause immense pain.
  4. Speak with an insurance company? You may report your accident to whatever company insures your car, but let a car accident attorney handle the adjusters.

JML Law handles case specifics such as facts and figures once victims have retained them. You need only cooperate with those trying to help you prior to our retention.

Being seriously injured in cars isn’t what Californians endeavor to accomplish from day to day. These things happen, however, but with extensive representation in their litigation process, victims may get compensated fairly.

Don’t wait too long after your accident to contact JML Law. The sooner we evaluate your case, the sooner you’ll put this horrific situation behind you.

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