Anaheim Child Abuse And Sexual Assault Attorney

Anaheim Child Abuse And Sexual Assault Attorney

Santa Clara County alone receives over 20,000 cases of child abuse every year. Across California in 2015, 8.2 verified cases of child abuse occurred for every 1,000 kids. Sexual assault statistics are scarier, with roughly 80% of victims being younger than 30. On and on, the statistics go, and little is done to prevent these vicious attacks from happening to kids and young adults.

However, JML Law does everything possible for those seeking a credible Anaheim child abuse sexual assault attorney to handle their claims. Fighting not only for compensation, our firm will help with reporting crimes and working with prosecutors to seek further justice so many young people deserve.

These unspeakable crimes don’t just happen in dark alleys or abandoned homes. They often occur in public, right before our eyes.

Organizations We’ve Fought Will Appall You

Individual perpetrators are often held civilly by JML Law and criminally liable by our state. Organizations that allow children, women, and men to be sexually assaulted don’t only exist in movies – their presence is very, very real in California. Sexual and child assaults know no race, gender, religion, or income level. They happen during the day, at night, on weekends, and weekdays.

Organizations and businesses held responsible for being complicit to, or directly involving themselves with, child abuse and sexual assault include:

  1. Churches.
  2. Preschools, high schools, and even Catholic schools.
  3. Daycare facilities.
  4. Fortune 500 companies.
  5. Small businesses.
  6. Boy and Girl Scout organizations.
  7. Youth baseball and softball teams.
  8. …the list is endless.

Victims need not be ashamed of speaking out. These crimes are NOT allowed, and you’re well within your rights to scream from the highest building in Anaheim when it happens to you. Zealously defending those who’ve lost their innocence because someone else felt obligated to hurt them is what our firm does, and it does so with precision.

We’ll Do More Than Settle Your Claim

Money cannot buy back what another took from children abused by adults and stole from sexual assault victims. We do fight hard to settle cases for victims, however, simply because your losses are worth something of monetary value. Psychiatric visits, loss of education or income, suffering emotional and physical pains, depression, and every other legally obtainable financial award will be sought by JML Law. But that’s not enough.

Those seeking shelter from abusers, resources to get back on track, and whatever else may help lessen the emotional burden they carry will be provided to victims because we’re human beings before attorneys.

Our Anaheim child abuse sexual assault attorney can help contact law enforcement if you’ve not done so. We’ll file restraining orders if the perpetrators are known. We’ll even alert other parents or people you work or worship with if asked so the entire organization can be adequately investigated. Whatever we’re able to do, we will.

Let’s reiterate: no part of child abuse or sexual assault is OK. If another has victimized you or your underage child inappropriately, let JML Law handle your case. Our consultation is free.

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