Hearing loss is something you should only have to worry about when you are well into your 60’s or 70’s. Sometimes genetics plays into it, but if you are under the age of 64 with no genetic issue and still having trouble hearing then you may be dealing with hearing loss due to work.

Sound is measured in decibels. Most activities like casual conversations, background music, or normal home sounds are around 60 decibels or under. This is a safe hearing measurement. You can go for long periods with noises under 60 decibels. However, consistent noises that are above 80 decibels can be really harmful.

Noises that are over 80 decibels are the sounds of heavy traffic, power lawn mower, boom boxes, chainsaws, leaf blowers, snowmobiles, sports crowds, stock car races, or gunshots. Other loud noisy places include airports, concert halls, sports arenas, restaurants, and bars. These noisy places can be very dangerous to your hearing if you stay there for a lengthy amount of time at repeat times.

For example, if bartenders do not maintain ear safety then they can experience hearing loss due to the excessive noises at work. Other jobs include airplane pilots, construction workers, rock stars or athletes, dentists, coaches or physical education teachers, ambulance drivers, flight crews, factory workers, etc. These professions vary in education or experience requirements. However, they all are susceptible to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hearing loss doesn’t happen all at once. You don’t wake up one morning not begin able to hear anything. Instead, it is a gradual process. however, when you do start to realize that you are hearing impaired it can greatly affect your work life as well as your social life. Some of the symptoms of hearing loss are asking people to repeat what they said over and over again, having difficulty hearing individuals speak in a crowded room, having trouble hearing children or people who speak in higher pitched voices, experiencing ringing in your ears, or having to turn up the radio or the TV to an excessive number.

Not only will you experience symptoms that directly relate to your hearing, but it can also affect how you feel mentally. You may start to feel embarrassed because you have to keep asking people to repeat themselves. You may start to feel depressed or anxious because you may find yourself in positions where you cannot hear people or enjoy yourself as you used to.

What To Do

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