Have you ever stubbed your toe? Like really hard to the point where you broke the toe? There isn’t really anything anyone can do about it other than put a stint on it and tell you to be patient. What did you do for those weeks? Maybe wear a boot to work? Do you remember the inconvenience? Now, imagine instead of just stubbing your toe you actually injure your ankle or your knee. The inhibited behavior due to hurting your ankle or knee surpasses a toe. Injuring your knee, ankle, or foot can result in your having to remain on bed rest which means that you are out of the job and out of pay, yet life still goes on. The bills pile up and you are still responsible for a life outside of your injury.

If you have fallen on to such hard luck due to an accident at work do not attempt to go through it alone. California protects its workers and you should exercise your right to a workers compensation claim.

What To Do

If you experienced a knee, ankle, or foot injury while to work then the first thing you need to do, other than seeking medical attention, is to speak with your employer about the incident. There is a 30-day window in which you can tell your employer about the incident. While you are seeking medical attention be sure to tell your doctor that you suffered the injury while in the workplace. This is important because your doctor will write detailed notes which will be used as evidence in your claim. This evidence will help insurance companies evaluate your injury and help decide what kind of compensation you will be given.

Do not be fooled by the insurance companies. You are not just entitled to compensation for medical bills. By hiring our workers’ Compensation Attorneys at JML Law, a Professional Law Corporation in Anaheim, you are protecting yourself and exercising your right for compensation of not just medical bills, but transportation to medical centers, loss of wages, and any short-term or long-term disability needed (depending on the severity of your injury).

Common injuries of the knee, ankle, or foot include sprains, fractures, or broken bones. You can also tear ligaments or tendons. These injuries take more than just stints and rest. Some of these injuries take surgery, physical therapy, or a long-term care plan. While you are healing do not stress about what is happening to your job or if you expect to financially support your family. For someone who shows up to work every day, your job should show up for you, and if they don’t then you know to call 818-610-8800 or click here.

Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys know how to take care of our clients. We have dealt with many in your situation and have successfully gotten fair compensation for their injuries. Do not hesitate to reach out as we are ready to work as aggressively for you as we did our past successful clients.

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