Anaheim Premise Liability Attorney

Anaheim Premise Liability Attorney

Anywhere foot traffic is prevalent, including malls, hotels, and restaurants, an owner must protect the people invited. Safety issues shouldn’t need to be rehashed in the news, brought out in tragic stories where folks perished because roofs caved in, or constantly get discussed but never solved by property owners.

But they do. Because premises owners can’t control their negligent ways.

JML Law, an Anaheim premises liability attorney with years of practicing injury law, uses California laws and deep knowledge of civil procedures to hold premises managers or owners accountable for injuries sustained due to carelessness. Abandoning one’s duty to upkeep properties has serious ramifications, including death, and we’re ready to litigate against anyone who caused harm while patrons were permissibly enjoying their days within their dwellings.

Property Owners Have Responsibilities

Did you know that even properties posted for sale have responsible parties? It’s true. Say you’ve been given a code to access a realtor’s lockbox. You gain lawful entry and check out the property, but slick stairs cause you to tumble backward, sustaining neck and back injuries. Although nobody lives or operates from that dwelling, the owner of the record – even if it’s the real estate company – would be held accountable. We’ve been there. Our Anaheim premise liability attorney delivers justice with grace and compensates those who deserve it, given the extent of their injuries.

Property owners violate patron trust by:

  1. Failing to barricade areas not permissible to dwell, such as those under construction;
  2. Not fixing amenities guests will be permitted to enjoy, such as pool ladders or stairways;
  3. Providing substandard living conditions for paying renters;
  4. Leaving floors almost unwalkable, but not posting notices or putting down signage.

Other more sinister premise liabilities have occurred and are treated equally seriously. Injuries that happen because another neglected their duty to inform or protect can have serious repercussions, including punitive damages set by courts.

JML Law, A Name You Can Trust

Our goal is simple: to represent injured clients in whatever capacity we’re needed. Most clients we’ve helped want financial damages for medical payments they cannot make, compensation for time off work, loss of consortium, and emotional distress along with physical suffering. Upon our first interview with new clients, our goal is to establish rapport. Getting a sense of what happened on other premises. Immersing ourselves in victims’ situations deep enough to identify how our legal team can best serve them.

No two cases are identical, nor are two outcomes measurable by financial awards granted. Your situation is unique, and that’s where our concern resides. We want your case to succeed because you deserve the same level of attention we’d give our families should they become negligently injured.

We’re trusted for our ‘results first, pay later approach to legal representation. Clients know that we’ll either fight until we win or not even JML Law will be paid.

You were on another’s property and found yourself in need of medical attention due to their reckless regard for your livelihood. Contact an Anaheim premise liability attorney who cares at JML Law today.

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