Anaheim Product Liability Attorney

Anaheim Product Liability Attorney

Regardless of where in America manufacturers call home, products meant for human use or consumption that, notwithstanding prior knowledge, harm consumers in California may be grounds for civil action. Consumers who purchase products to eat, apply to skin, entertain themselves or children, or even for medicinal purposes must be produced safely.

JML Law, the strict advocate of consumer safety, has an Anaheim product liability attorney knowledgeable in product laws. Together with an incredible staff, we’ll bring any company providing products to Californians to justice when they’ve breached their duty to recall or correct products discovered to have flaws that may cause serious personal injury.

Consumers Deserve Safe Products

Look around your home. Everything packaged, containing wheels, legs, and even the mouse you’ll use to scroll this site, is derived from some manufacturer. Hours, sometimes days, of engineering go into the design, while production takes all applicable components to build or mold whatever gets sold on retail shelves. These products, while different, must all comply with our laws, or they’ll never get sold here.

Proving products harmed you isn’t factually complex. Consumers need only prove they were provided no prior knowledge that whatever they purchased contained ingredients harmful for consumption or everyday use. For example, bleach is not consumable; drinking a half-gallon would cause personal injury or death, but liability wouldn’t rest on the manufacturer because consumers know that you cannot drink bleach. After all, properly affixed labels tell us this.

Conversely, buying cereal that contained hydrochloric acid would merit legal action because consumers also know that breakfast foods shouldn’t contain chemicals such as that. Our Anaheim product liability attorney proves cases where everyday products harmed people for lack of warning labels, failure to give advance notice of potential hazards leaked into a product, and products that caused personal injury.

Courts have contended that professional testimony is not suitable in a consumer expectations theory pertaining to liability. Therefore, we need only prove breach, injury, and duty. These three elements are usually evident when clients bring claims, chock full of medical proof, that injuries occurred when products they believed were usable failed them.

We Fight Negligent Manufacturers

Manufacturers who produce goods cannot deviate from their intended specifications, usually established through engineering. If materials are substituted, or processes suddenly change, consumers could find themselves in serious pain if they can live to tell. Lacking substantial warning labels or extensive instructions, too, could cause personal injury provided consumers prove they were none the wiser.

Product liability laws in California are complex. Injured persons wouldn’t find self-litigation too successful, given many manufacturers’ vast resources, which would be displayed in their large legal presence in court. JML Law is knowledgeable of strict liability in manufacturing. It will substantiate the evidential value of negligence endured by our clients and settle cases fairly for consumers harmed by products they trusted.

If you’ve been seriously injured by way of product defects, our Anaheim product liability attorney wants to discuss your case. Our evaluation is free, and if your case is taken, we’ll fight until a settlement is achieved.

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