Anaheim Racial Discrimination Attorney

Anaheim Racial Discrimination Attorney

It is a shame that even in today’s society, race discrimination is still a major issue. Being a victim of racial discrimination is flat-out wrong and hurtful. Just like sexual harassment, racial discrimination can affect one’s ability to work. Whether you know it or not, being passed over for a position you were qualified for, harassed in the workplace, or terminated from a position for reasons unrelated to performance all fall under racial discrimination. Anything like those mentioned above will open your employer to serious discrimination claims.

Racial discrimination against employees in California is illegal – both Federal and State governments strictly forbid the mistreatment of workers based on their civil rights. It is hard to believe that racial discrimination against ordinary working people continues to this day, but the sad reality is that it still exists. Suppose you have been discriminated against by your employer or during a job application process. In that case, you can talk to one of our experienced Anaheim racial discrimination lawyers at 818-610-8800 and let us help you recover the compensation you deserve.

What Is Racial Discrimination

Employment racial discrimination happens when an employer – or potential employer if you are applying for work – mistreats you or fires you because of your race or color. This means that if any of these protected characteristics covers you, employers cannot use your race to:

  1. Terminate your employment
  2. Demote you
  3. Block your opportunities for promotion or advancement
  4. Deny you any job privileges
  5. Refuse to interview or hire you
  6. Transfer you from your usual job to a worse one
  7. Make your working life so difficult and unpleasant that you have no option but to resign (constructive discharge)

The racist behavior of others also counts as racial discrimination, even if, on the face of it, you are not treated any differently from your other co-workers. You may be forced to listen to ethnic slurs or nasty, derogatory comments; supervisors or colleagues may make offensive remarks or display racially offensive symbols. Actions like these create a toxic workplace and can severely affect your health and well-being.

How Can I Prove My Employer Is Racially Discriminating Against Me

To prove that you are being racially discriminated against, you need to be able to prove at least one of the following:

  1. You are a member of a protected class – the race is included in this definition
  2. You are qualified for the job you applied for
  3. You have been meeting the required performance standards for your job
  4. The reason you were not hired or fired was because of racial discrimination
  5. The employer’s reason for not hiring you or firing you was a pretext for racial discrimination

My Employer Is Discriminating Against Me, What Can I Do

Find as much evidence as you can to back up your case – it can be difficult to prove employment discrimination by your employer, as they can often try to give a different reason for mistreating or firing you. If you are unsure how to do this, call your local Anaheim discrimination lawyer at 818-610-8800 for a free initial confidential consultation.

We have a successful track record of winning financial and punitive damages for our clients who have been the victims of discrimination in Anaheim and across Orange County. Whether the case is settled out of court or in front of a judge, we will work our hardest to represent you and your interests. Financial damages cover lost wages, emotional distress, and attorney fees, while punitive damages are intended to punish employers who are found to be discriminating against employees or job applicants.

All legal remedies in reference to racial discrimination are a method of judicial relief in civil law. Racial discrimination victims are all entitled to these ramifications and are dependent upon the type of racial discrimination they suffered. For employment discrimination cases, victims might be entitled to receive the job they were unlawfully passed over. They can also receive back pay and interest upon the compensation.

Another remedy in employment cases enables workers to restore employee benefits that were wrongfully taken away because of racial discrimination. We do not want victims to fear the costs of sustaining an attorney for representation. Be sure to find out if reasonable attorney fees and court costs are provided as damages for racial discrimination lawsuits in California.

For housing discrimination cases, any victim who succeeds in their case could also be entitled to the home or apartment they were unlawfully denied. If the victim was coerced into finding another living arrangement due to discrimination, they may be eligible to receive damages for the costs associated with relocating. Similar to employment discrimination cases, all victims are entitled to damages for emotional distress and reasonable costs of representation by an attorney.

Anaheim Racial Discrimination Attorney protects you from retaliation from your employer, education institution, or any other party. You should not have any fear of retaliation for filing or assisting another individual in filing a discrimination complaint. California provides additional protection for retaliation victims. This includes the recovery of financial compensation for the retaliation.

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If you believe you or someone else may have been unlawfully wronged in some regard because of your race or skin color, talk to an experienced Anaheim Racial Discrimination Attorney. Unfortunately, many aspects of racial discrimination cannot be summarized. Contact the best of the best in racial discrimination. We are proud to represent workers against companies that break any laws.

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