Anaheim Sports Injury Attorney

Anaheim Sports Injury Attorney

Participating in sports activities may cause injuries from time to time. That’s never questioned. What involves JML Law, an Anaheim sports injury attorney, is how these injuries are treated or what negligent actions forced someone to tear their ulterior crucial ligament or break their arms. While quick to blame lack of stretching or not participating properly, growing numbers of child and adult sports injuries stem from training negligence or poorly constructed or maintained equipment.

We Litigate Sports Injury Claims

So, you were practicing gymnastics on rings when suddenly the entire contraption fell, forcing you to fall violently and severely injure your back. It’s challenging to say gymnasts were poorly trained when equipment failed. Sports trainers and equipment manufacturers will still point their fingers away from their actions. How does JML Law prove these cases?

  1. First, we must identify the fault. In the case above, it’s clear that poorly maintained rings caused injury or the chains holding the rings weren’t built property. This gives us two places to start: the sports trainer and the equipment manufacturer.
  2. Next, we’ll figure out where things went awry. Certain sports gear may have weight restrictions which, if violated, may put blame either on the sports trainer for failing to disclose this or the gymnast who refused to listen.
  3. After collecting witness information and other pertinent facts, we’ll build our case based on our Anaheim sports injury attorney’s suggestion. If our team feels your case lacks substance, we’ll find more evidence or consult you regarding our findings.
  4. Finally, we’ll either work towards negotiating compensation through pretrial demand or take your case to court, either of which works for us.

The exact details are specific to each claimant’s injury. Some cases may need to be settled by the court if the defendants are defiant. Others may be so strong that litigating in court would be a formality rather than a necessity. JML Law frequently deals with faulty sports equipment and poor training cases.

Sporting Venues Aren’t the Only Culprits

Cities or schools charged with maintaining playground equipment could be held liable, too. Hotels with unattended swing sets, trampolines, and even swimming pools fall under similar legal responsibility. Anything where people perform some sporting activity, and another is responsible for maintaining it or replacing it when found defective, qualifies under our sports injury claim service.

Yes, there are some organizations with immunity to litigation, although even those businesses will sometimes choose to settle not out of necessity but goodwill. However, most venues or businesses with sporting equipment publicly accessible will still face fines and civil liability for poorly maintained products or misguided training.

Contact an Anaheim sports injury attorney at JML Law today if you’ve been injured during sporting events or while using sports equipment. We’ll consider every case, looking over facts and whether your claim can be substantiated in court. Our approach to every case is as unique as each person we help, with no two identical sports accident claims.

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