Drivers and passengers injured due to any no-fault accident are generally insured by at-fault motorists. Once you’ve done police reports, sought medical attention, and done whatever you’ve been instructed, an Anaheim uninsured underinsured motorists attorney will begin settling your claim, and you’ll begin recovering. Nothing will seem unusual.

But, what happens when you’ve been informed the at-fault party doesn’t have sufficient coverage, or simply doesn’t have car insurance? JML Law encounters incidents where no-fault parties feel hopeless because they feel settling cases where no insurer is involved, or not enough is available to cover costs necessary to make them whole.

Luckily, our firm has experience in getting cases settled where accidents involving drivers with insufficient coverage, or no coverage, are still completely payable.

We Help Your Own Insurance to Cover You

Therein exists two different situations where our firm can handle claims: underinsurance, meaning the at-fault driver lacked enough insurance to cover your accident leading to injury or fatality, and uninsurance, which means the driver didn’t have anything covering themselves, let alone another vehicle or victim. Neither situation is going to end well for the at-fault driver.

Both situations above require precision, knowledge of insurance coverage laws and the ability to preemptively work toward negotiations with insurers. Let’s look at each individually:

Underinsured Motorists

To decrease personal expenditures, some drivers only insure their vehicles to state minimum laws, sometimes known as PLPD (personal liability, property damage). This level of insurance doesn’t meet all criteria when another vehicle gets damaged causing serious injury.

In these situations, our Anaheim uninsured underinsured motorists attorney will get whatever the underinsured motorist can offer, then file an additional claim against your insurer, provided you have the underinsured uninsured motorist coverage. If not, we’ll again get whatever is available then turn our attention to at-fault driver’s assets.

Uninsured Motorists

Those at-fault parties lacking legally required coverage will also be handled through your insurance company. While the process is much lengthier, JML Law gets settlements often in cases where victims cannot collect from a negligent party’s nonexistent policy. Whatever your insurer doesn’t cover, we’ll find another way to get compensation from the reckless driver.

Make JML Law Your Accident Advocate

Many motorists fear drivers without insurance, or others who’ve not purchased enough coverage to compensate victims they may have inadvertently hurt. Drivers who follow the law often pay heftily to makeup for those who’ve not purchased insurance but find driving inattentively to be prudent.

We’re fierce advocates of driver safety and protecting the interests of those who follow laws. In getting victim’s compensated, our approach must be dynamic, aggressive yet compassionate. Over the years, we’ve perfected our law services so you, the victim, receive much better results when settlement negotiations ensue.

Victims, you need an Anaheim uninsured underinsured motorists attorney to handle your claims properly. So, if you’ve been an unfortunate victim of an underinsured or noninsured driver, and wish to bring claims against their actions, contact JML Law today. Our consultation, and work, is free. We only collect when we’ve successfully settled.

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