There are certain illnesses and injuries in which a patient will completely recover. It may take some time, but there are ways to get back to 100%. Vision and hearing loss are not one of those illnesses. In fact, if you do not start the process of taking care of these ailments then it will only get worse. Many attribute age to vision and hearing loss because it is only natural for people to start losing those faculties. However, those types of issues can start well after retirement. So, what if you are dealing with vision and hearing loss but you definitely aren’t retired and aren’t old? Have you ever thought that your job is the reason for your vision or hearing loss?

Common Jobs That Cause Vision or Hearing Loss

It is a common misconception that those who work “comfy” jobs, like those who work in offices 9-5, are not eligible for workers’ compensation because they do not deal with a high risk for injuries or illnesses. This is simply not true. Vision loss is an increasing issue with people who work in front of computers for long periods of time. A computer screen can be just as hazardous as working in a cloud of dust. The difference is that the injury may take longer to show symptoms with a computer worker than with someone working in construction in a constant cloud of dust.

However, that does not mean that a computer is any less worth compensation for vision loss than a construction worker. Hearing loss is also attributed to “comfy” jobs. For example, commercial airplane pilots are constantly surrounded by loud noises. despite their safety gear, any time a person is surrounded by a constant loud persistent noise it can cause hearing loss. Just like a construction worker that deals with loud noises. Hearing loss is not only irritating but it can lead to emotional issues like depression and anxiety. It is hard to come to the realization that you cannot talk to people in social settings because it can be disorienting.

Vision and hearing loss can lead people to feel disoriented which in turn can cause depression and anxiety. This deeply affects one’s job and can lead to a series of doctor visits and necessary time for recovery. You have shown up to your job every day with loyalty. If you are suffering from vision and hearing loss then you need your job to show up for you in the form of workers’ compensation.

What To Do

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