Anaheim Wrongful Death Attorney

Anaheim Wrongful Death Attorney

Death by negligence isn’t how many envision leaving this world. Having an employer bring workers into an unsafe environment that causes death, including construction zones, is another mishap many would rather avoid. No matter how your loved one may have perished, negligence is the issue if you want the aggressive representation of JML Law, an Anaheim wrongful death attorney who gets surviving loved ones compensated.

Displaying no regard for those around them, people often work, drive, or function against laws to the point death happens to someone innocent. Our office knows your aggrieving must be compensated and work without regard to what defendants say or do following their wrongful actions. The goals we set for ourselves are simple: work until compensated and accept nothing less than we’d want, should our family members perish.

Litigating Wrongful Death Cases Is Our Forte

There’s nothing simple for anyone involved in wrongful death litigation. If taken to trial, survivors relive the misery they felt when told of the victim’s demise. Defendants, of course, will push the blame onto the one person who cannot defend themselves: the decedent. Insurers are scrambling to investigate, police detectives ensure nothing was criminally induced, and our firm is working to erase doubt.

Proving these cases isn’t arduous. It’s a fact-collection race that likely ends with negotiations taking place because companies hate appearing in court because negative press ruins brands. Your loved one’s income will measure the pecuniary damages we seek, their ability to earn future income if children were left behind, how drastic spouses or loved ones’ lives will change without the decedent, and what juries may award if placed before them.

Evidence-wise, JML Law and our Anaheim wrongful death attorney essentially need four (4) components (loosely defined) to hold true before approaching opposing counsel with settlement offers:

  1. An individual indeed passed away;
  2. Their passing stemmed from another’s negligent actions or willful intent;
  3. Survivors, including children, are suffering financial damages resulting from the victim’s passing;
  4. The loved one is a spouse or an appointed executor of the decedent’s estate.

The final component is proving someone can be deemed a ‘loved one,’ preventing individuals such as ex-spouses without rights to decedent from making fictitious claims. Also, without establishing survivorship, providing anyone with benefits legally is impossible.

Trust JML Law To Settle Fairly

We’re not out to take whatever an insurer, individual, or company offers us. Since there’s no price for human life, we work hard to translate facts into more respectable settlements that consider both pecuniary damages and those that may be awarded as ancillary by juries.

You’ve lost enough when your loved one was wrongfully killed. Don’t settle for representation that lacks understanding, compassion, motivation, or legalese. One poor decision or missed filing, and your settlement could be delayed.

Contact an Anaheim wrongful death attorney who cares for your well-being, both financially and emotionally. All consultations are free, and we’ll discuss our fee structure upon meeting with you.

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