Downey Vision & Hearing Loss Attorney

Downey Vision & Hearing Loss Attorney

Most workplace injuries are fairly obvious when they occur. However, there are some injuries that are not as obvious, ones that happen over long periods of time. If you need a Downey vision & hearing loss lawyer, you can count on us to be by your side. At JML Law, we understand that these injury claims present challenges, and they may get denied. Let our knowledgeable and experienced team get to work on securing the compensation you deserve today.

We know that workplace injuries are not uncommon. When we turn to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for data, we see that there were around 2.8 million total nonfatal workplace injuries or illnesses reported during the latest year. When it comes to hearing and vision loss, they can be immediate injuries or those that happen over long periods of time.

What causes workplace vision loss

Any traumatic injury to the eye is going to cause vision problems. This can include things like getting stuck in the eye by tools or machinery. It can also include debris in the air such as dust or metal shavings. Explosions, chemical exposure, and bright lights can all contribute to workplace vision loss.

What are the causes of workplace hearing loss

Hearing loss is more likely than vision loss to happen over long periods of time. Yes, explosions and extremely loud noises can cause an immediate loss of hearing, but more often than not, hearing loss is the result of long exposures to high noise levels.

  1. Approximately 30 million US workers are exposed to dangerous noise levels each day at work.
  2. OSHA recommends that workers not be exposed to more than 85 decibels for more than eight continuous hours.

Is it too late to report my hearing or vision loss for a claim

As soon as you discover that your vision or hearing has been affected by the workplace, you need to make a claim. Sometimes, the cause will be immediately apparent (such as trauma). However, for long-term exposure, you may not know the full extent of a problem until years after it began. As soon as you are diagnosed with hearing or vision loss, you need to make a workers’ compensation claim or consider a personal injury lawsuit.

What will your attorney do to secure compensation

You depend on your hearing in both your work and personal life. That is why we take injuries to either of them seriously. At JML Law, we are here to help if your hearing or vision loss was caused by workplace exposure. Let our team get to work investigating your case so we can secure the compensation you truly deserve. This can include:

  1. Coverage of your current and future medical expenses
  2. Compensation for lost income if you are unable to work
  3. Mental anguish damages
  4. Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  5. Possible punitive damages against a negligent party

If you need a Downey vision and hearing loss attorney, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation today.

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