Oakland Disability Discrimination Attorney

Oakland Disability Discrimination Attorney

Protected by The Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employees should never feel unwelcome when applying for work. Many Americans mildly disabled still want to make their contribution to society and still want hard day’s work – even though they may need extra accommodations. Another component of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act makes illegal for employers to terminate or mistreat you based on disability.

JML Law provides an exceptional level of representation, matching clients with an astute Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney capable of holding employers accountable for breaking anti-discrimination laws. Trusted around the Los Angeles County area for over 40 years, JML Law defends workers who may be disabled but desire nothing more than contributing to the greater good.


Employers, regardless of the disability is apparent or perceived, must make reasonable accommodations so disabled employees can perform duties at or above company standards. Unless accommodating disabled persons causes undue hardship on the employer, specialized work schedules and physical aids such as wheelchair ramps must be made available. JML Law has an exemplary track record of not only settling claims with compensation but also helps restore employment to wrongfully terminated or mistreated employees.

The ADA clearly outlines ‘reasonable accommodations’ as those which:

  1. Aid disabled employees with accessibility to tools and literature to performing work;
  2. Provide facilities such as interpreters, enhanced readers, and restructured positions if necessary;
  3. Allow disabled employees to modified or shorter work schedules.

An addendum to ADA was added to clarify language in its statutes. The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 expanded its definition of “major life activity”, clarified that an ADA disability deemed ‘episodic’ is still deemed an impairment and allowed disabled employees discriminated against to seek civil action even if they were “regarded as” disabled.

Employees terminated due to their disability, or those discriminated against, have a 180-day window to file their claim with state agencies. Our firm can assist with filing complaints if we’re retained within that window.

Skilled in ADA and all facets of employment lawJML Law provides clients the best Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney with the greatest skill level and ability to fight cases vigorously until won.


Failure to make reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities is just one general example of the various ways in which disability discrimination in the workplace can manifest. Other examples include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Refusal to hire based on a candidate’s disability;
  2. Consistently excluding disabled employees from participation in training programs;
  3. Demoting or terminating workers on the basis of their disabilities;
  4. Paying a qualified employee less than others because they have a disability;
  5. Failing to offer an employee benefits to which they may be entitled;
  6. Skipping over disabled employees for promotions;
  7. Forcing employees with disabilities to resign from their positions.

It can be difficult to prove some of these behaviors have occurred if you attempt to pursue justice without the assistance of the experts at a reputable Los Angeles disability discrimination firm. For example, you may have very good reason to suspect that an employer prevented you from rising in the company because of your disability.

Proving this will require gathering evidence to support your argument. You might have to review an employer’s previous hiring practices and treatment of past employees to document their tendency to treat employees with disabilities differently than they may treat others. Although doing so may be challenging if you lack professional assistance, with the help of a qualified Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney, you’ll have a much better chance of putting together a strong case.


Disabilities are sometimes easily noticeable. For example, if an employee is wheelchair-bound, it is clear that they qualify as having a disability.

That’s not to say all disabilities are obvious. Disabilities in the workplace may generally fall into one of three categories:


Many consider this to be the most recognizable form of disability. A physical disability is one in which an impairment involving one’s body has a limiting impact on a primary life activity. To return to a previous example, someone in a wheelchair may be unable to walk due to a physical condition, and is thus unable to perform or engage in a primary life activity in the same capacity that others may be able to


Mental conditions can also limit primary life activities. For instance, conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, and others can have this effect.


Medical conditions that qualify as disabilities can be somewhat different from physical disabilities. With most physical disabilities, manifestations of said disability tend to be consistent and noticeable. Once more, someone in a wheelchair will always be seen to require a wheelchair.

However, perhaps someone has a genetic disorder or cardiovascular condition that can affect their day-to-day life and might have an impact on their ability to perform certain tasks at work. Although symptoms of this condition might not always manifest, that does not mean it shouldn’t qualify as a disability.

Do you have questions regarding whether a condition you have qualifies as a disability? If so, discuss your case with a Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney for more information.


Disabled persons are protected by ADA, ADAAA and other state and federal laws while at the workplace. People who have been disparaged often feel alone, depressed, and often feel nobody will help them. Workers with disabilities have just as much right to work peacefully amongst their peers as anyone else without disabilities. If you been victimized by another, JML Law works alongside you in your quest to seek justice.

Our firm commends you for being brave enough to attempt working. It’s already difficult for most disabled persons to just wake up and face the day; our Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney can offer comprehensive representation which could restore your position and prestige, entitle you to back pay, recover money for pain and suffering.

Discriminated against because you’re ‘different’? Don’t stand alone. JML Law offers free consultations, so act now.

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