Fraudulent Inducement Of Employment

It is not uncommon in this difficult economy for employees to be required to move to new locations in order to find a job. In California, it is against the law for employers to make false promises to lure workers to relocate to be able to take the job.

When that happens, you need to contact a Los Angeles fraudulent inducement of employment attorney at JML Law. Our skilled and experienced employment law attorneys will file claims under the California Labor Code to enforce workers’ rights and to seek a penalty of double the worker’s damages for false representations. Our team handles complex employment law cases in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Francisco, and throughout California.

What Is Fraudulent Inducement Of Employment

When an employer makes a false statement to a prospective or current employee urging them to take or continue working at a job, when that employee would not have taken or kept the job otherwise, then this can be a case of fraudulent inducement of employment. In a case of fraudulent inducement of employment, it may be possible for the employee to sue the employer for damages.

These types of intentional misrepresentations are incredibly common in the workforce throughout the state of California. Employers essentially “trick” workers and quit their current positions for a new one.

Requirements Of Fraudulent Inducement Of Employment

There are many types of false statements that an employer can make to entice an employee to take or keep a job, including the length of employment, terms of compensation, and work conditions, among others.

For an employee or prospective employee to bring a case against an employer for the fraudulent inducement of the employment, it must be proven that:

  1. A fact or facts were intentionally misrepresented by the employer.
  2. The misrepresentation was a key component of the decision to accept or continue the employment.
  3. The misrepresentation was reasonably relied upon by the employee or prospective employee.
  4. The victim of the misrepresentation suffered some tangible injury.

When examining what an “important fact” about employment is for the purposes of inducement, California Labor Code § 970 has actually defined what this means. Important facts pertaining to employment include the kind of work, the character of work, or the existence of work. Additionally, the length of employment, the total amount of compensation, sanitary and housing conditions surrounding the work, and any labor disputes that are present also count as important facts of employment.

When considering fraudulent inducement of employment, misrepresentation of the facts on the part of the employer becomes especially egregious if the worker has moved from one location to another. Again, the labor law in California directly addresses this issue. If the employer induces a person to move based on false promises, not only could the employer be held liable for double the damages (double the amount of what the employee would have earned or compensation they missed out on due to the fraudulent inducement of employment), but the employer could also be found guilty of committing a misdemeanor.

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