Long Beach Police Misconduct Attorney

Long Beach Police Misconduct Attorney

If your civil rights have been violated and you have become the victim of police misconduct, you are entitled to seek legal representation from a Long Beach Police misconduct attorney. Whether your circumstances involve a wrongful arrest, police brutality, or unauthorized shootings, it’s important you learn about your constitutional rights and the police is held accountable for their actions.

Your civil rights

The United States Constitution grants civil rights primarily under the First and Fourth Amendments as well as The Civil Rights Act of 1964:

  1. The First Amendment protects individuals against police brutality and illegal searches.
  2. The fourth amendment allows you freedom of speech and protects you against retaliation.
  3. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects individuals who have been discriminated against based on their race, color, creed, gender or national origin.

Handling your claim

At JML Law our Long Beach police misconduct attorneys have many years of experience representing victims injured by the police in California. We believe that officers who negligently shoot someone can cause serious injuries and hardship to the victims and their families. When people find themselves involved in this type of situation, our attorneys will aggressively pursue personal injury compensation or wrongful death compensation in cases when the victim dies.
Bringing a lawsuit against the police can be challenging for an attorney without adequate experience in police misconduct cases. Someone pursuing a police misconduct claim will have to face a number of obstacles and defenses that protect the police such as authorized immunity where the judge may rule that the police conduct was lawful. These cases involve complicated laws and procedural rules that only an experienced Long Beach Police misconduct attorney will be able to handle.

Our experience in police litigation

JML law is fully devoted to protecting clients who have been victims of police misconduct. Police misconduct cases can be complicated. We are prepared to take on the most difficult cases and achieve the best outcome. While some cases are more challenging than others, our attorneys can advise what’s the best course of action in each one of them. Some cases will require more evidence others but we’ll do everything it takes to gather the necessary evidentiary support and obtain compensation that is both fair and satisfying to our clients.

Take action today

If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact JML Law today and schedule your initial consultation with one of our accomplished lawyers. It’s important you consult a Long Beach Police misconduct attorney before filing a complaint with a government agency as this statement can be used against you in court and you will have less possibilities of winning your case. The statement or complaint filed by your attorney is also accepted and your statement can be postponed until the case has being dismissed.

Get your questions answered.

Contact Our Lawyers.

Every case is unique and needs to be evaluated by our experienced lawyers. If you have been seriously hurt due to the misconduct of a police officer, government officer or police shooting,

give us a call at 818-610-8800 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no risk to meet with us. We get paid only if we win your claim.
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