Long Beach Wage Fraud Attorney

Long Beach Wage Fraud Attorney

While trying to financially support themselves, and their families, further education, and build futures, workers are being taken advantage of by their employers who are failing to pay their employees the minimum wage required by law. According to the Economic Policy Institute (EPI), “2.4 million workers lose $8 billion annually (an average of $3,300 per year for year-round workers) to minimum wage violations.” This type of wage fraud puts employees and their families under undue financial stress. If you or a loved one is being burdened by an employer because of wage fraud, seek legal counsel immediately. Here at JML Law in Long Beach, our firm has dedicated attorneys who have significant experience and vast knowledge of employment, wage, and labor laws and are experts in handling claims of wage fraud. Contact our offices today in Long Beach at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation.

Wage Fraud

Wage theft or wage fraud happens when an employer withholds pay or fails to pay an employee their rightfully earned wages.

Examples of wage fraud:

  1. Not paying overtime
  2. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors
  3. Forcing employees to work off the clock
  4. Not following minimum wage laws
  5. Not allowing for breaks
  6. Bounced paychecks

Wage Laws

The following California wage laws and regulations are upheld in Long Beach and have few acceptions.

  1. Employees who perform at least two hours of work a week are entitled to minimum wage.
  2. Employers are required to abide by both federal and state minimum wage laws. There are some exceptions to these requirements and certain cities or counties can enact their own minimum wages.
  3. An employee can not legally agree to work under minimum wage and an employer can not ask or demand them to.
  4. Not only is it illegal for an employer to violate minimum wage laws, but they are also required to pay an employee the agreed-upon hourly wage.
  5. Employers are not allowed to deduct money from your paycheck for anything other than what is required by law.
  6. If an employer’s check bounces, the law stipulates that an employee may file a wage claim to recover the loss and up to 30 days’ pay in addition to what is owed.

Time Limitations

According to The Department of Industrial Relations and The Labor Commissioner’s office, wage claims have to be filed within an allotted amount of time.

  1. Violations of minimum wage, overtime, illegal deductions from pay, or unpaid reimbursements within three years from the time the problem occurred.
  2. Claims based on an oral promise to pay more than minimum wage must be filed within two years.
  3. Claims based on a written contract must be filed within four years.

What To Do

Do not allow your employer or the employer of a loved one to fail to pay rightfully earned and promised wages. Know your rights as an employee and consult with proper legal representation to ensure you file a wage claim for all possible wages rightfully owed to you. Contact JML Law today in Long Beach by calling 818-610-8800 or click click here to request a free consultation with our highly respected firm of wage fraud experts.

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