Employers in California cannot discriminate against employees and job candidates based on their age. Like religion, race, gender, and other such qualities and factors, a person’s age should not impact their employment (if, of course, they are legally old enough to work).

Some employers ignore federal and state laws against age discrimination in the workplace. If you believe your employer (or a potential employer who did not hire you) has violated the law, you may be able to take legal action against them. Learn more about your rights by speaking with an Oakland, CA age discrimination attorney at JML Law.


Employers may commit acts that qualify as age discrimination in a number of ways. Examples include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Terminating an employee or urging them to resign once they reach a certain age
  • Refusing to hire a candidate based on their age
  • Denying employees of certain age promotions or raises they may have earned
  • Not allowing employees of a certain age to participate in training sessions

This is not an exhaustive list. If you believe you may have been the victim of age discrimination, schedule a consultation to review your case with a lawyer, even if none of the examples in the above list describe your employer’s actions or behavior. A qualified Oakland age discrimination attorney can review the details of your case and let you know why you may nevertheless have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit.

Be aware that age discrimination can also occur when coworkers harass, demean, or otherwise mistreat an employee because of their age. Even though an employer may not be directly participating in the harassment, if they are not taking sufficient steps to put a stop to age-related harassment in the workplace, they need to be held accountable.


Proving that your employer is guilty of age discrimination can be challenging if you don’t have professional assistance. You need to gather and present evidence showing that your employer behaved in a manner or made a decision that resulted in losses or damages for which you deserve to be compensated. You must also show that your employer’s behavior or decision was related to your age.

For example, perhaps you have a strong reason to believe your employer fired you because of your age. It’s almost certain your employer will not admit your age was a factor they accounted for when deciding to terminate your employment. They will cite another reason to justify your termination, such as your performance.

There are various potential ways you may build a case against your employer in these circumstances. Perhaps you can acquire performance reviews indicating your employer was consistently pleased with the quality of your work in the past. Or, you may uncover documentation revealing your employer has frequently let employees go once they reach a certain age.

Those are just a few examples. The main point to understand is that proving an employer has committed age discrimination requires coordinating with experts, like those at our Oakland age discrimination law firm.


At JML Law, our Oakland age discrimination attorneys are committed to ensuring workers’ rights are protected in California. This involves holding employers accountable for discriminating against employees based on their age. To learn more about how we can help you pursue justice, contact us online or call us at 818-610-8800 and schedule a consultation.

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