Oakland Elder Abuse Attorney

Oakland Elder Abuse Attorney

In a couple of years, the senior population will outnumber middle-aged and young adults in society. While it is a blessing to live on this Earth for 60, 70, and even 80 years, this is, unfortunately, a population at risk of a particular type of abuse. Elder abuse is a crime that finally receives the national attention it deserves. Elders should not have to spend the remainder of their years dealing with their caregivers’ physical, emotional, and sexual harm. If you or your loved one is a victim of a form of elder abuse, an Oakland Elder Abuse Attorney is here to help.

What is Considered Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is the single or constant harmful act between a person with an expectation of trust and an elder. Typically, this person with a certain expectation of trust can either be a family member, a long-term caregiver, or a nursing home staff member. Elder abuse can happen financially, emotionally, physically, or sexually. Elder abuse can also occur in the form of neglect. If a caregiver intentionally fails to care for an elder, that is classified as elder abuse.

Different Forms of Elder Abuse

Some of the common forms of elder abuse are:

  1. Emotional abuse: Elders can experience emotional abuse. They endure psychological distress from caregivers. Some examples of emotional abuse can be intentional intimidation through threats, humiliation, constantly blaming the elder, intentionally ignoring the elder, and going out of one’s way to isolate the elder from friends and family.
  2. Financial abuse: Elders can experience this type of abuse when caregivers gain unauthorized use of an elder’s finances. Some examples of financial abuse can be forging an elder’s signature on checks, stealing an elder’s cash or income checks, using an elder’s credit cards or personal checks without the elder’s permission, and requesting the elder’s financial support for phony charities.
  3. Physical abuse: Elders experience this form of abuse when they endure physical pain from being struck by caregivers. Some examples involve shoving and hitting the elder. Forcefully restraining an elder or forcing an elder to consume drugs or food is another form of physical abuse.
  4. Sexual abuse: Elders experience sexual abuse when caregivers force themselves sexually on elders without their consent. Common unwanted sexual acts involve rape, sexual assault, or unwanted touching. Forcing elders to engage in pornographic material or watching sexual acts is also classified as sexual abuse against elders.
  5. Neglect: Unfortunately, nursing home centers commonly neglect elders due to staffing issues. Elders experience neglect when caregivers fail to uphold their caretaking obligations to an elder. Some examples of neglect include failing to feed elders, ignoring an elder’s basic food and hygiene needs, and failing to administer medicines properly.

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