Oakland Failure To Pay Commissions Attorney

Oakland Failure To Pay Commissions Attorney

Salespeople who receive commissions typically play an important role within their organizations. Their employers rely on effective salespeople to attract paying customers.

Unfortunately, not all employers behave ethically. Some employers take advantage of their salespeople by firing them after they have closed sales.

They do not always do so for legitimate reasons. In some instances, employers will fire qualified and dedicated salespeople to avoid paying them commissions.

Do you believe this has happened to you? If so, you may be able to recover what you are owed by filing a claim or lawsuit.

Learn more by reviewing your case with an expert at JML Law. If you have a valid reason to take legal action, one of our Oakland failure to pay commissions attorneys will provide you with aggressive representation, optimizing your chances of securing payment that you may have been denied.

Oakland Failure to Pay Commissions Cases: What You Need to Know

Terminating a salesperson’s employment after they have closed a lucrative deal with a customer is a very blatant example of an employer attempting to get away with not paying a commission. However, this is not the only way in which employers attempt to deny salespeople commissions they have earned.

It is sadly somewhat easy for employers in California to come up with ways to minimize how much they pay employees who earn commissions or to simply not pay commissions at all. Although California’s Labor Code tends to be very employee-friendly, prioritizing the rights of workers in the state, it is not perfect.

This is apparent in regard to the way the law addresses (or fails to address) commission payments. The law is very clear in regard to overtime pay and other such matters. It is much less clear on the topic of commissions.

This means that California law doesn’t necessarily govern how employers must pay commissions and how much they must pay to employees who have earned them. Instead, a contract will determine the nature of commission payments.

This gives employers the opportunity to treat salespeople unfairly. In some instances, the specific wording in a contract will be vague when addressing commissions. This may be intentional. If the sections of an employment contract that address commission payments are not thorough and precise, an employer could “interpret them differently” from the way an employee may interpret them when disputes arise regarding whether or not commissions have been earned.

Some employers even enter into contracts with employees without officially addressing commissions at all. A salesperson may struggle to collect what they have earned if they have mistakenly signed a contract that doesn’t explain how their commissions will be paid.

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