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Marital status discrimination is one of many forms of workplace discrimination that’s legally prohibited in California. Unfortunately, some employers ignore the law, unfairly mistreating certain workers based on their marital and/or relationship status.

Do you believe this has happened to you? If so, review your case with an Oakland marital status discrimination attorney at JML Law. You may have grounds to take legal action against your employer. We’ll go over the details of your case and inform you of your options. Should you choose to hire us, we’re also prepared to offer the representation you deserve.

Examples of Marital Status Discrimination in the Workplace

In California, both state and federal laws recognize marital status as a personal characteristic for which an employee can’t be discriminated against.

Nevertheless, marital status discrimination still occurs in many workplaces. The following are examples of how it could manifest:

  • Making hiring decisions based on a candidate’s marital status
  • Accounting for an employee’s marital status when deciding whether to promote them or give them a raise they’ve earned
  • Accounting for an employee’s marital status when determining how they should be compensated
  • Firing an employee due to a change in their marital status
  • Engaging in any act of discrimination against an employee in a same-sex marriage or relationship

It’s not always immediately clear when an employer is unfairly favoring some employees/candidates over others based on marital status. You should monitor for common “red flags,” such as being asked whether you’re married in a job interview.

How an Oakland Marital Status Discrimination Lawyer Can Help

If you suspect you’ve been the victim of marital status discrimination, you can take legal action to seek financial compensation. You might also seek reinstatement to a job from which you were fired.

Strongly consider hiring a lawyer when doing so. Quite simply, proving marital status discrimination has occurred can be challenging.

Consider the following example: You get engaged and are fired shortly after. You suspect this is because your employer believes your new relationship will distract you from focusing on your work.

It’s unlikely your employer will openly admit to this. Instead, they may fabricate a reason for terminating your employment, such as poor performance. Building a case to show you were actually fired due to a change in your relationship status might require taking such steps as:

  • Gathering emails, chat logs, voicemail messages, and other forms of correspondence that may serve as useful evidence
  • Interviewing coworkers, supervisors, and others at the company who could potentially vouch for your strong performance
  • Gathering past performance reviews to show your employer has historically been happy with your work
  • Determining if your employer has a history of discriminating against employees based on marital status

You don’t need to build a case on your own. You may lack the resources necessary to do so.

Instead, an Oakland marital status discrimination attorney at JML Law can assist you in this capacity. If you think you’ve been the target of unfair marital discrimination at work, contact us online or call us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation.


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