Oakland Premises Liability Attorney

Oakland Premises Liability Attorney

It’s one thing to become injured in your own home; it’s another matter entirely when you are injured while visiting another person’s property. Often, your injuries are the result of a property owner’s negligence. Should you be held responsible for the property owner’s negligence when you are injured on another person’s property? No, it would help if you were not held accountable for the property owner’s negligence. You should receive the appropriate compensation that you deserve for your injuries. The best attorney you can have on your side when fighting for your compensation is an Oakland Premises Liability Attorney.

How Are Property Owners Found Liable Under Premises Liability Claims

Under a premises liability concept, property owners have a legal duty of care to all visitors on their premises. Property owners must maintain reasonably safe premises to prevent visitors from becoming injured. One way that property owners exercise this standard of care is to warn visitors of any potential dangers on the premises. Property owners who fail to execute these responsible actions can be held liable under a premises liability claim.

Different Types of Premises Liability Accidents

Some of the common types of premises liability accidents involve:

  1. Inadequate maintenance: There are particular building codes that property owners must follow. Property owners must ensure that a building is equipped with the proper lighting and equipment. If a structure contains poor lighting or an elevator is not functioning correctly, the property owner can be held liable when seriously injured visitors.
  2. Slip and fall accidents: This accident is one of the more common premises liability accidents that can happen anywhere. However, slip and fall accidents are more prone to occur in establishments where slippery surfaces are common, like restaurants and shopping malls. If there are no cautionary signs to warn visitors of the slippery surface, the property owner can be held liable if a visitor becomes seriously injured.
  3. Negligent security: This type of accident, like a slip and fall accident, can happen at any establishment. Any property owner that fails to provide the appropriate amount of security for their premises can be held liable for this type of accident. The lack of visible security measures can encourage criminals to commit heinous acts. Criminal acts like theft, sexual assault, and physical assault can happen because a property owner was negligent in proactively securing the premises.
  4. Balcony falls: Property owners and landlords have a responsibility toward tenants to ensure that railings are safe to use. When balcony railings are defective or improperly constructed, this act of negligence places the tenants’ lives in danger. This type of accident is prone to happen in older buildings, with a higher chance of weak flooring or loose railings.

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