Oakland Racial Discrimination Attorney

Oakland Racial Discrimination Attorney

The United States was founded on the idea that every individual, regardless of race, color, or creed, must be treated equally. If you are being discriminated against due to any of these protected factors, it is not only a moral issue but also a legal issue. Racism has always been rampant across the nation, and although strides have been made, racism in the workplace is still happening. If you are being discriminated against, you should contact an Oakland racial discrimination attorney to review your case. We can let you know quickly if your case is strong enough to move forward.

Types of Racial Discrimination

There are many ways that you can experience racial discrimination in the workplace, and your Oakland racial discrimination attorney must prove that you were passed up or treated differently solely due to your race. Some of the most common types of racial discrimination cases we handle include:

  1. Racial segregation at the workplace
  2. Termination or dismissal
  3. Denial of pay increase for the same position as another employee who is of a different race
  4. Advancement opportunities offered to people of other races
  5. New hires receiving lower pay rate offers due to race
  6. Racially motivated jokes or comments

You will need to document any time one of the instances mentioned above happens. It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact moment that racial discrimination happens, which is why you will need to document everything as soon as it happens to build a timeline.

Direct vs. Indirect Discrimination

Collecting evidence can be difficult, especially when you factor in direct and indirect discrimination. In cases of direct discrimination, there will be irrefutable and obvious evidence present, such as written messages, emails, etc. This type of evidence is often difficult to obtain but can make an entire case.

Indirect discrimination is often harder to prove as it requires an innate ability to take note of even the smallest detail. This can be seen in specific company policies that do not benefit people of a certain race or require another race to sponsor an employee.

What we Must Prove in a Racial Discrimination Case

These cases are some of the most complexes, and they require strong evidence that an employer participated in this heinous act. Your Oakland racial discrimination attorney will work to do the following:

  1. Prove you belong to a protected class
  2. Illustrate the presence of discrimination directly to your race
  3. Show how discrimination had an impact on your treatment and advancement at work
  4. Use direct and statistical evidence

These elements will be crucial to moving your case forward but can be difficult for you to obtain without the experienced help of an attorney. We have the experience and skills necessary to handle these cases.

What to do if You Are Facing Racial Discrimination

If you notice racial discrimination in the workplace and are directly affected, you must document everything. Next, you will need to contact an Oakland racial discrimination attorney. Call JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation at 818-610-8800, or complete our contact form to discuss your legal options.

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