Oakland Retaliation Attorney

Oakland Retaliation Attorney

Employees who become aware of illegal, unethical, or otherwise “wrong” behavior on the part of their employers or coworkers should feel comfortable reporting their concerns to law enforcement and regulatory agencies. They also should not fear they will be punished for cooperating with investigators looking into such matters.

Thus, federal law and California law prohibit retaliation against employees who “blow the whistle” on improper employer operations or behaviors.

Regardless, some employers ignore the law, punishing or mistreating workers for exercising their legal rights.

Has this happened to you? If so, you can potentially take legal action against your employer. Depending on the circumstances, you may seek financial compensation, reinstatement to a job from which you were fired, etc.

Discuss your case with an Oakland, California retaliation attorney at JML Law. We will explain your legal options and provide the representation you deserve if you choose to work with us.

Examples of Workplace Retaliation in Oakland, CA

Retaliation comes in many forms. It essentially involves an employer unfairly treating an employee who has brought attention to behaviors an employer would have preferred the authorities and regulatory agencies not be aware of.

Examples of retaliation against whistleblowers include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Termination of employment
  • Forcing whistleblowers to resign
  • Denying promotions or raises
  • Not allowing a worker to participate in training activities
  • Assigning new, unpleasant duties/hours to a worker
  • Disciplining a worker more harshly than is necessary
  • Generally ostracizing an employee
  • Giving poor performance reviews without proper justification

This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you suspect your employer has retaliated against you in an illegal manner, schedule a meeting with an expert at our Oakland retaliation law firm. We can more thoroughly explain whether you have a valid case.

The Role of an Oakland Retaliation Attorney

Do not attempt to address the matter yourself if you plan on taking legal action against an employer who is guilty of retaliation. Proving your employer broke the law can be challenging in these circumstances. You need assistance from a legal professional who understands how to gather evidence and build a strong case.

For example, perhaps your employer fired you in an act of retaliation. Odds are they won’t openly admit this was their reason for letting you go. They likely fabricated a justification, such as inconsistent performance.

Proving they are lying may involve such tasks as:

  • Collecting old performance reviews to show complaints about your performance began after you brought attention to illegal or unethical activities
  • Gathering emails and other forms of correspondence that contradict your employer’s story
  • Speaking with coworkers and other witnesses if necessary

You don’t have to handle these tasks on your own. By coordinating with an Oakland retaliation law firm, you can be confident that experienced lawyers are looking into all potential ways of strengthening a case against your employer.

Contact an Oakland Retaliation Attorney

An employer commits a serious crime when they retaliate against a whistleblower. At JML Law, our Oakland retaliation attorneys are on hand to help you fight back when your current or former employer has treated you unfairly. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 818-610-8800.

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