Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney

Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney

Whether traveling to school, work, or running errands, you should feel comfortable anywhere you go. You should not have to worry about being sexually harassed in the presence of a specific gender or traveling to a particular location. Although sexual harassment is a phenomenon usually discussed in school or at the workplace, sexual harassment can occur in any public establishment. As a victim of sexual harassment, it is essential to know that you have legal options to exercise. Seeking the help of an Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney can empower you to exercise those options.

What Can be Classified as Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual activity. This includes unwanted requests for sexual favors, physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature, or unwanted sexual contact. Sexual harassment can also include disparaging comments made about a specific gender. A supervisor who makes sexist comments about women, for example, would be an example of sexual harassment.

What Are Some Examples of Sexual Harassment

Some examples of sexual harassment that can occur at the workplace include:

  1. Making inappropriate comments or jokes: When one or a group of employees make offensive jokes of a sexual nature, that is an example of sexual harassment. Employees who overhear these types of comments can be considered victims of sexual harassment, whether the comments were directed toward the employee or not.
  2. Receiving an inappropriate email: Employees or employers who send sexually explicit material to other employees can be held liable for sexual harassment. Similar to the inappropriate comments, employees who receive an inappropriate email or letter that was not intended for them can also be considered victims of sexual harassment. No employee should be subjected to any inappropriate sexually explicit material at the workplace.
  3. Making inappropriate gestures: Obscene gestures can include inappropriate sexual sounds or gestures that make other employees uncomfortable. Even if an employee or employer were engaging in some form of humor, the unwelcome sexual gestures would still be considered a form of sexual harassment.
  4. Discussing sexual activity: While it is common for employees to talk and discuss various topics, outright sexual comments should be avoided at the workplace. Employees who engage in conversation with sexual innuendo are committing acts of sexual harassment, whether the employee who overhears the discussion was the intended party or not.

How Can an Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney Help

Some employers have specific protocols in place for sexual harassment situations. An Oakland Sexual Harassment Attorney can help victims take the appropriate steps to protect their rights. If the victim feels uncomfortable reporting the sexual harassment incident to human resources, an attorney can help outline the description of the incident and provide additional support for the victim.

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