Oakland Truck Accident Attorney

Oakland Truck Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents can be traumatic, and it can be challenging to understand what is happening. When you are involved in an accident with a truck, the injuries and damages are often much worse than with other vehicles on the road. This is often due to the size differences in the two-vehicle types.

Trucks are much larger and weigh more than the average passenger vehicle. The injuries and damages are so catastrophic that some victims’ lives are entirely altered as a result. You may think it will be impossible to go up against a truck company and their insurance company, but it is not if you have the right Oakland truck accident attorney.

Causes of Oakland Truck Accidents

One of the critical factors in truck accident cases is who the negligent party was and how the accident happened. While an accident can happen at any moment, some incidents are more common in truck accidents, such as:

  1. Reckless driving
  2. Defective truck parts
  3. Driver fatigue
  4. Distracted driving
  5. Drunk driving
  6. Improper logbook entries
  7. Poor truck maintenance
  8. Working too many continuous hours
  9. Truck company negligence


Truck accidents can often result in fatalities, and someone needs to be held liable for their negligent actions. One of the most common causes of fatal accidents is wrong turns, followed by unsafe speeds.

Compensation After an Oakland Truck Accident

If an insurance company does accept fault for the accident, they will often try to settle for far less than what your case is worth. It is essential not to make a statement to the insurance company as they are looking for even the smallest detail to lower your claim. Before speaking to the insurance company, contact an Oakland truck accident attorney to discuss your legal options.

We will try to settle pre-litigation but will go to litigation if the insurance company is unwilling to give you the compensation you deserve. We will seek compensation for the following:

  1. Time away from work
  2. Lost future earnings
  3. Medical expenses related to the accident
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Wrongful death damages

There may be other forms of compensation that you are entitled to, depending on the circumstances of your case. We will determine what kinds of compensation you are entitled to and how much compensation you should receive. You will need an experienced Oakland truck accident attorney to ensure you get the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Contact an Oakland Truck Accident Attorney Today

As with all personal injury cases, there is a two-year statute of limitations for you to file a claim. The sooner you meet with an Oakland truck accident attorney, the sooner we can begin to build a strong case. Evidence can quickly be tampered with, and witnesses will forget what happened. The faster we can collect evidence and speak to witnesses, the better your case. JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation has decades of experience handling truck accident cases and obtaining compensation for our clients. Call our office at 818-610-8800, or fill out our online contact form to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.

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