Oakland Wage Fraud Attorney

Oakland Wage Fraud Attorney

No employer in California (or elsewhere) can succeed without a dedicated and reliable workforce. Employers should acknowledge the value their workers provide by paying them accordingly.

Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, some employers don’t pay employees what they deserve. They may be engaging in forms of wage fraud when doing so.

Wage fraud laws are nuanced and complex. While you might have reason to believe your employer has broken the law in some capacity by not paying you fairly, you might not know what you can do about it.

Learn more by discussing your case with a lawyer. An Oakland wage fraud attorney at JML Law will determine if you have grounds to file a claim or lawsuit against an employer. If so, we’re prepared to offer the representation you need.

Oakland Wage Fraud Cases: Common Examples

Employers may engage in fraud when attempting to pay workers less money than they’re owed in various ways. Common examples of wage fraud include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Misclassifying employees so they may not receive overtime pay
  • Not adjusting an employee’s pay rate after they have worked in excess of 40 hours a week
  • Offering positions paying less than the federal minimum wage
  • Requiring employees to perform various work prep tasks while off the clock
  • Referring to employees as “independent contractors” to avoid taxes
  • Assuring employees they will receive payment for expenses incurred while working outside of the office, but then failing to provide said payment

Workers in some niches may be more likely than others to be victims of wage fraud. For example, nurses and other medical professionals often work overtime for which they aren’t fairly paid.

Be aware, the above isn’t an exhaustive list. Schedule a consultation at our Oakland wage fraud law firm if you suspect your employer may have engaged in some form of wage fraud, even if it’s not mentioned here. One of our experts will go over your case’s details and explain your legal options in these circumstances.

How an Oakland Wage Fraud Attorney Can Help

Along with reviewing your case to help you better understand whether you have justification to take legal action, an Oakland wage fraud lawyer could potentially improve your odds of winning a case by:

  • Investigating the matter to gather evidence showing an employer committed wage fraud
  • Calculating what you may be owed
  • Handling all administrative tasks this process involves, such as filing paperwork by deadlines
  • Citing relevant laws to explain precisely how an employer broke them

It’s worth noting that pursuing justice when an employer hasn’t paid you fairly doesn’t just benefit you. It may also benefit your coworkers and future employees at the company. If an employer learns they will be held accountable for engaging in wage fraud, they may be less likely to do so again.

Just keep in mind that these cases are complicated. To win yours, you need assistance from a qualified Oakland wage fraud attorney. That’s exactly what you’ll find at JML Law. Contact us online or call us at 818-610-8800 for more information about what we can do for you.

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