Riverside Chemical Exposure Attorney

Riverside Chemical Exposure Attorney

Millions of workers in the US face the risk of chemical exposure each day. Most people think of traumatic injuries that occur in the workplace, but if you need a Riverside chemical exposure attorney, we are here to help. The team at JML Law understands these cases and is ready to step in on your case. We will investigate what happened and work to recover the compensation you truly deserve. You should never be denied adequate coverage for your workplace injury expenses, regardless of how the injury occurs.

What do we know about workplace chemical exposure

When you hear the term “chemical exposure,” you probably think of a major disaster, perhaps a massive chemical spill that affects an entire factory. However, many people do not realize that most workers use or work around chemicals each day. Just about any workplace has some kind of chemical present or hazardous toxin present that can cause harm to a worker. In some cases, the chemicals are simple cleaning supplies. Other industries rely on hazardous chemicals as a major part of their operations.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that chemicals and toxic substances pose internal and external health hazards for workers and:

  1. Health hazards include irritation, sensitization, and carcinogenicity
  2. Physical hazards include flammability, corrosion, and explosion risks

What are the long-term consequences of workplace chemical exposure

The effects of chemical exposure on workers vary depending on what chemicals the worker has been exposed to and in what quantities.

  1. Simple exposures account for the majority of occupational chemical injuries. This would include direct contact such as skin exposure, inhalation, or ingestion of a hazardous substance.
  2. Incidental exposure includes exposure from explosions, fires, or contact with equipment.

The most common injuries associated with workplace chemical exposure include:

  1. Eye injuries
  2. Body system damage (internal damage)
  3. Injuries to hands, arms, and torso

Some chemical exposure injuries are immediately apparent, particularly when the body comes into contact with a corrosive substance or suffers from a chemical burn. However, some chemical exposures cause chronic conditions or cancers that may not show signs and symptoms until years after the actual exposure happened.

Employers must work to prevent workplace chemical exposure by ensuring all workers have the proper safety gear and training necessary. All chemicals should be properly labeled and handled by employers.

What you can do moving forward

If you or someone you love has been exposed to chemicals in the workplace and suffered an injury or illness, please seek legal assistance today. At JML Law, we will be the strong advocate you need. You should always receive adequate compensation for your workplace injuries, regardless of how they happen. This can include:

  1. Coverage of your medical bills related to the chemical exposure
  2. Compensation for lost income if you cannot work
  3. Mental anguish damages
  4. Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  5. Possible punitive damages against a negligent party

When you need a Riverside chemical exposure lawyer, you can contact us by clicking here or calling us at 818-610-8800 for a free consultation today.

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