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It can be a parent’s worst nightmare. Each day, parents throughout Riverside place the trust of their child’s safety in the hands of teachers, daycare workers, youth coaches, and religious organizations. Unfortunately, some of the people we trust the most with our kids may be guilty of some of the most heinous acts. Child abuse and sexual assault are never acceptable. It can have a traumatic effect on your son or daughter’s development and can result in physical and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. The legal team at JML understands the anger, pain, and fear parents of abused children face. For more than 35 years, our team of Riverside child abuse and sexual assault attorney have been fighting to protect the rights of abused children.

Protecting The Victims of Child Abuse & Sexual Assault

Far too many people throughout Riverside County live in fear, shame, and guilt of abuse. They may have been abused or sexually assaulted years ago or have a child that has gone through the same traumatic events. It is a vicious cycle that must stop. It is vital to seek legal representation for an attorney with a significant track record of protecting the rights of victims and always looking after their best interests.

Compassionate & Comprehensive Legal Representation

We understand child abuse and sexual assault can be very difficult to talk about. For some, it can take years for victims to come forward. However, it is vital to take action immediately. The first step is to have a Riverside child abuse and sexual assault attorney that will always be in your corner. The attorneys at JML Law take pride in providing compassionate and comprehensive legal representation. It is part of our commitment to always place each client in the best position to succeed.

First, it is important to understand the consequences of abuse are extremely serious. The emotional and physical needs of your child need to be addressed. It is vital to receive full compensation from schools or institutions where the abuse occurred. Our legal team provides a compassionate environment. Everything is confidential and there is no reason to feel ashamed to tell your side of the story. We always make the effort to listen to your side and to formulate the best solutions to help clients navigate through the legal system to ensure they are able to go on with their lives.

The Riverside child abuse and sexual assault attorneys at JML Law provide free initial consultations. From the moment a client arrives at our law office, we will take the time to address all of your questions and concerns. Keep in mind the State of California has a statute of limitations for child abuse and sexual assault cases. These issues need to be taken care of in a swift and effective manner. The first step is to contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney with a proven track record of protecting the rights of each client.

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If you or your child has been the victim of abuse or sexual assault, it is essential to take action right away. Do not procrastinate. Contact the Riverside personal injury law firm at JML Law and schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

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