Riverside Denial of Medical and Retirement Benefits

Riverside Denial of Medical and Retirement Benefits

Workers needing medical benefits, even retired folks ready to tap into their nest egg, often run into problems when it’s time to cash in on the benefits they paid for. In fact, federal laws like the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 protect retired folks’ interests when it’s time to collect certain pension and medical benefits rightfully owed.

JML Law is a Riverside denial of medical and retirement benefits attorney dedicated to the preservation of money and health benefits earned by workers who put in their time. ERISA, PPACA, even HIPAA are tools we use to assure benefits that are earned are distributed in a timely fashion.

Claims Denied We Can Help.

If you had a recent major medical procedure, you’ll undoubtedly receive bills for services rendered. It’s the responsibility of your healthcare insurance provider to approve and pay your claims. However, even the largest most well-respected insurers try to finagle their way out of paying. This denial will start an often-lengthy appeals process that can frustrate, even depress, retired workers living on fixed budgets.

ERISA stipulates that employers must have a reasonable claims mechanism with competent administrative personnel reviewing and approving claims. It further mandates that claims denials, along with procedures used to determine denial of benefits, must be mailed to participants. What’s even further depressing is the fact the Sixth Circuit Court deems benefit claims not legal in nature as they’re equitable.

JML Law knows claimants have the right to a private action under ERISA, and can therefore litigate to recover benefits owed, including back pay if applicable. Provided recipients of benefits follow Employee Retirement Income Security Act rules judiciously during and after the submission of the initial claim, our office can intervene to further assist in securing benefits being denied.

COBRA, another employee fringe benefit, provides health insurance to individuals for a predetermined amount of time after they ceased employment. If COBRA benefits it denied, a Riverside denial of medical retirement benefits lawyer from our office will step in and take the case to assure you receive medical benefits as promised.

Your Work For Retirement Benefits. Let Us Preserve Them.

Many federal laws will protect retirement persons’ incomes that were promised as part of an employment contract. Being denied these benefits can cause excruciating financial and physical strain, especially when a healthcare facility is trying to deny medical treatment because you have outstanding bills with them.

Pension plan claims initially denied must be appealed within 90 days. During this time, many folks will go without basic personal needs, perhaps putting their homes still under mortgage in jeopardy of foreclosure. The pension plan administrator has up to four months to review your claim, which may further strain your financial picture.

JML Law has decades of experience dealing with ERISA, Social Security, employee pension plans and many medical insurers with customers in California. You worked an entire lifetime for the right to retire without fear; let us secure a favorable outcome for your medical and retirement benefit claim.

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