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Millions of Californians report to work each day, many who are earning impressive salaries, have 401K benefits, company cars, tons of paid time off, even use of company workout facilities. With an impressive list of perks being offered at numerous companies, why would any employee wish to file grievances against their employers?

Simply put, not all employees are treated fairly. Some must perform unthinkable acts just to get overtime. Even more, are retaliated against simply for keeping their place of employment safe. And an even larger group of professionals are sexually harassed by executives and mid-level managers.

In other words, many retain Riverside employment law attorney services because they’ve exhausted all other avenues and simply want to be compensated for months, or even years, of employer mistreatment.

JML Law Fights Employment Cases

Our attorneys have but one job: to protect your job. Every aspect of employment, from improper treatment to retaliation for reporting OSHA violations, is taken seriously. JML Law attorneys have successfully fought employers like Kaiser Permanente, even collecting millions in overtime back pay for clients who were misclassified as salaried employees to avoid paying 1.5 times the hourly rate.

Yes, we can even hold employers accountable for botching drug tests. Did your employer clock you out for meal breaks which never happened? Being denied FMLA for nonsensical reasons? Tired of trying to promote safe work areas, then finally breaking your leg because the employer refused to let maintenance mark wet areas with ‘Caution’ signs?

JML Law, an aggressive Riverside employment law attorney who recovers money owed to clients, will hold any employer accountable for any violation of California or Federal labor laws. Period. There’s no sugar coating, and no lengthy explanation is necessary. Employers break laws, so we make them pay.

My Case Isn’t Worth Much. Will JML Law Still Review It

One common misconception in employment law is that all cases fit into the ‘some’ category. Indeed, sexual harassment violations will be treated much differently than HIPAA violation; however, every case has value to our firm because every client has been robbed of something.

Example: if an employee comes to our firm having been duped out of 50 hours of overtime, and can prove within reason they worked those hours, JML Law is going to not only recover that overtime money but argue those missing 50 hours were necessary to pay an important bill that went into collections. Then we’re going to argue that bill going into collections brought about depression, meaning medication and psychology costs need to be reimbursed.

So, instead of recovering a mere 50 hours of overtime this employee lost, JML Law found probable cause existed to collect something far more lucrative. Because the law allows us to recover these costs for employees, not because we’re greedy.

We Fight. We Win. You Get Compensated.

You didn’t come to our site for interior decoration tips.

An employer robbed you of something without your consent, albeit money, your innocence, your better judgment. Now, it’s time to make them pay.

JML Law is the Riverside employment law attorney scorned employees want simply because we get results. We won’t schmooze you with fancy infomercials, or make promises we don’t intend to keep.

Bring us your case. We’ll fight it, collect as much as legally possible and make you whole again.

Get your questions answered.

Contact Our Lawyers.

Every case is unique and needs to be evaluated by our experienced lawyers. If you are wrongfully fired, mistreated at work or asked to do something inappropriate,

give us a call at 818-610-8800 or send us an email to schedule a free initial consultation. There is no risk to meet with us. We get paid only if we win your claim.
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