Riverside Gender Discrimination Attorney

Riverside Gender Discrimination Attorney

Sexism in the workplace is another growing issue that JML Law, an experience Riverside gender discrimination attorney, litigates across California. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees regardless of gender identity from hatred, retaliation, assault, segregation, or job loss. With individuals of transgender status, employers are finding creative ways to oust them to keep their workplaces ‘normal’, according to some interpretations.

The EEOC’s has strict filing deadlines, which JML Law will cover below.

Discriminating Based on Gender Is Illegal

Employers cannot outright fire individuals because of their sexual orientation, or gender identification. Verbiage in Title VII is very clear in what protections workers have regarding their sexual preference, or choice of gender. The law specifies both harasser and accuser can be of the same sex.

Forms of gender discrimination include:

  1. Failing to hire someone because they are undergoing gender modification
  2. Promoting one person who is male, but demoting another who’s female without just cause
  3. Writing specific jargon in company policy that would treat one sex or the other unfavorably
  4. Laying off one sex, but retaining another, when all sexes have equal seniority.
  5. Harassing an individual every day with the intent to disparage their sex

Company supervisors, executives, even a private practice’s client base, qualify as individuals who may be held liable for gender discrimination under the EEOC.

It should be noted neither the EEOC or California courts will entertain claims based off isolated incidents, unpretentious teasing or general offhand commentary related to gender. Incidents must be severe, and frequent, to build a strong gender discrimination case with the above-referenced agencies.

Our Riverside gender discrimination attorney will review all cases, and give our best determination as to whether your case is meritorious.

We Fight to Protect All Gender Classes

Californians have the right to feel adequate in their place of employment. This means men, women, and transgender employees should be able to go to work every day without feeling constantly under scrutiny because of their sexual class. It’s unfortunate we must stress this in our current era, but with the volume of cases we litigate based off gender discrimination, we felt inclined to reiterate this.

If you been a victim of gender disqualification or discrimination, it’s important that you:

  1. Document every incident as it happens, including date and time, and where it took place.
  2. Do not attempt to retaliate against the employer. This may disqualify your claim.
  3. Identify any witnesses that may come to your defense.
  4. Feel you’ve collected enough evidence and documented enough discriminatory episodes, contact our Riverside gender discrimination attorney who will assist in bring in the perpetrator to justice.

The EEOC offers a 45-day window or federal gender discrimination cases to be brought to EEO counselors, and 180 days for regular employees in companies with greater than 15 employees to file charges.

Don’t let your employer get away with circumventing a gender-hating environment. The JML Law is uniquely positioned to help those men, women and transgender individuals who’ve been harassed or otherwise mistreated at their workplace.

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