Employees who’ve devoted their lives to caring for others deserve an employer’s respect. Charge nurses sometimes spend days working and sleeping in their vehicles simply because many healthcare facilities constantly battle employee shortages. With devoted employees pulling extra duty, you’d think medical facility employers would be more appreciative of their staff.

JML Law, an astute Riverside healthcare law attorney dedicated to preserving the rights of medical employees, can attest that many nurses, CNAs, even doctors, are mistreated more often than they’re not.

Typical Healthcare Employee Claims

As many healthcare workers will avoid major construction sites and heavy machinery, we rarely get claims where nurses fall off scaffolding. However, we get virtually every other claim imaginable ranging from inappropriate employer behavior to discriminatory hiring practices. If it has to do with healthcare, employment, and illegal activity or practices, we’re right there fighting for employees.

JML Law will offer free consultations on all cases, such as:

  1. Negligent payment practices, including withholding overtime money earned by hourly employees, or purposely misclassifying them to avoid paying 1.5 times as prescribed by California law.
  2. EEOC violations. As these cases involve multiple steps, our Riverside healthcare law attorney works closely with employees to file necessary complaints, follow the recommendations of arbiters, and file suit when deemed necessary.
  3. Sexual harassment. A growing threat to every American workforce, sexual harassment allegations are serious, often leading to civil liability and potential criminal charges. We take cases of this magnitude seriously, investigating every claim judiciously.
  4. Retaliation. If an employer isn’t fond of your EEOC complaint, they may retaliate by either firing you, or creating an unnecessarily hellish work environment.
  5. Forcing physicians to work directly for hospitals, health clinics, weight loss centers, et al. Did you most states prohibit the corporate practice of medicine, which is why you’ll never see doctors working directly for hospitals?

No healthcare employee claims brought to JML Law will be scrutinized or treated any differently than others. Bring us your claim and, if we believe enough aggravating circumstances exist to drag your employer into court, we’ll certainly do so.

If many employees feel they need unbiased representation, we’ll even form class actions against employers. It’s certainly not below us to help 50, 100, or 1000 employees recover money owed to them.

You Care for Others. Let Us Fight for You.

Dedicating your life to helping others recover from illness or injury takes every bit of patience as it does heart. Some days are better than others, while most days consist of 10 to 12-hour shifts. Not that you mind, because overtime means more money for your family.

But what if your employer ‘conveniently’ forgot to pay your overtime hours week after week? Then, when you brought your complaint to HR, suddenly you were cut down to part-time? Horror stories like this are unfortunately far too common in healthcare, which is why JML Law provides access to an expert Riverside healthcare law attorney.

You’ve spent years fighting for others. Let JML Law fight for you.

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